Aladdin | Essay by - Inaya ( Grade 6 ) | 98thPercentile

Aladdin (2019) is one of my all-time favorite movies based on a classic. The director of this masterpiece is Guy Richie, which you may know from other productions. It is a musical but has some action thriller aspects and a great love story, as well as a hint of Broadway. According to a user on Rotten Tomatoes, “The movie addresses the problematic aspects of the original to make it more modern and relatable.” Aladdin also has a wide array of credentials, such as the award for Best Fantasy Film, according to IMDb, a one-stop website for information on a vast database of movies.

      This fantasy takes place in the magical kingdom of Agrabah, most likely based on the Middle East during the Golden Age. As a result, Aladdin included fantasy aspects pertaining particularly to the Middle East, including but not limited to genies. Our star couple, Aladdin and Jasmine, were played by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott respectively. Our two side characters who were definite stealers are the Genie, who was played by Will Smith; and Dalia, who was played by Nasim Pedrad. Now, for our favorite Disney villain, Jafar is played by Marwan Kenzari. As for the context, all I can say is that you will not be bored. This is a mix of action sequences, musicals that give Broadway a run for its money, and the Genie popping out to give a quick joke or some helpful advice.      

      I identify most closely with Jasmine, especially her live-action counterpart. While not the most relatable heroine, Jasmine is strong-willed and not afraid to take what she wants. This was already established in the 1992 film. The spinoff adds a sense of urgency with Jasmine’s new ultimate goal: to become sultan of Agrabah. In addition, Jasmine also has a female confidante inside the palace: her handmaiden Dalia. Dalia is strong willed just like Jasmine and supports Jasmine in all of her endeavors. Last, but certainly not least, Jasmine finally has a song to sing! It is titled “Speechless” and it is powerful. This song is all about not letting others dictate your life and raise your voice. It is centered especially on women empowerment. Jasmine sings this amazing song once in the beginning as a reprise and once full-out near the end. Naomi Scott certainly put her best into the role and the final product is simply marvelous.

Part of the reason that viewers love the Aladdin story are its inspirational messages. For couples, Aladdin teaches us to be ourselves and that faking your way to someone’s heart will never work out in the end. Jasmine teaches young girls that they deserve to be heard, while Daila educates us about the importance of a good friend. Even Jafar teaches a thing or two about ambition and power, how sometimes it can go too far.

      Aladdin is an emotional rollercoaster. It can make you feel sad, happy, scared, and empowered all in the course of thirty minutes. While others may have their doubts, this film is worth looking into and deserves a five-star rating. It includes an all-star cast, is a visual masterpiece, and has catchy musical numbers that will keep your toes tapping. Best of all, its message and hearty plot will keep you thinking in awe long after the final credits roll