Coding Languages – Amazing Guide of All Queries

Free Trial Free Trial Login Coding LanguagesAmazing Guide of All Queries THE ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED TO ADDRESS YOUR CODING QUERIES Coding is an essential skill that is gaining significant popularity. You can get your children ahead of the game by acquainting them with coding. With each errand being digitized and moving towards smarter technology …

The 5 Most Misunderstood Facts about Coding

The 5 Most Misunderstood Facts About Coding The majority of computer-users know coding is what programmers do to create apps, but few understand much beyond that. The lack of comprehension creates misconceptions about how programming works, who programmers are, and what tools for coding are, such as Python and Scratch. Let’s dispel common myths versus …

The Parent’s Guide to Coding

The Parent’s Guide to Coding The world is advancing seemingly at the speed of light, and it is our responsibility to help our children be as prepared as possible for future demands. As many areas of life are becoming digital, new skills are required in order to navigate this emerging way of life. Schools, luckily, …

Learn How to Code Online: A Beginners Guide

Learn How to Code Online: A Beginners Guide Most of you would have heard tons of facts about coding. And you might have an idea that coding has to do with computers and they process the information we perceive. However, the majority of readers may not have anything more to add than this inexplicit understanding …

So your kid wants to design games? Here are five practical tips to help them design like the pros

We are in an era where technology has taken over the domination with everything getting digitalized. So acquiring the computer skills is said to be the basic need of an hour. Yes at present, Coding is a prominent opportunity that every child and grown-ups have to utilize.

Top 5 Myths about Kids Coding Exposed (Don’t Let These Dissuade You From Teaching Your Kids to Code)

A skill or knowledge is never useless”. We believe this statement is precise in the case of exposing coding to kids. This is more like teaching swimming, cycling, cooking etc. to kids, as we present our kids with more and more unique skills, it will help them to be more self-confident and independent. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Kids Coding (Even When You Don’t Know How to Code)

Get to know the present scenario in the world of technology.

Yes, in the present tech-savvy world, where we are connected through the threads of computers, internet, and mobile phones. Technology has made a strong impact with immense speed. Each day it’s making a way towards development. So, at present, no one can envision a life without any applications or software.