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Did you know, Mark Zuckerberg started Coding after his dad gifted him a computer and a C++ book when he was in 6th Grade? He instantly fell in love and became obsessed with it and eventually launched Facebook at the age of 19.

The 2 points every parent must take from this story are, Early Exposure and Consistency(Self motivated or otherwise)

We all know it is nearly impossible to repeat that story by just giving a computer and a book to our children. So, how can we expose our children to Coding in a way that they want to become serious Coders?

At 98thPercentile, we pondered a lot on this and built our Coding program that follows the below principles.

  • Extreme fun – Students will build video games – Who doesn’t like building and playing timeless classics like Pacman and Super Mario?
  • Unleash the creativity – Students will learn the concepts and will have to build their own versions of games
  • Competitive – Students will compete to build the best game and win
  • Focused – Unlike other programs we have only upto 5 students in each class
  • Progressive – Our program curriculum is serious. Subscribe on our landing page to see the full curriculum 
  • Affordable – At $99/4Weeks(i.e., 8 classes) we give at least 3 times more value than many other programs out there

Check out our program and take the first step in exposing your children to the most valuable skill today.

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