Is Your Child Code Ready?

Grades 1-6

February 13th & 14th, 2021

Please note all entries to the contest are closed now!!!

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CAT Champions!

Budding Coders: Grades 1 & 2







Developing Coders: Grades 3 & 4







Growing Coders: Grades 5 & 6







About CAT

The students will participate in any one of the 3 categories

6th february

Budding Coders
(Grades 1&2)
1:00 – 2:30 pM CST

7th february

Developing Coders
(Grades 3&4)
1:00 – 2:30 pM CST

8th february

Growing Coders
(Grades 5&6)
3:15 – 4:45 PM CST

Debugging The
Future With
Coding Literacy

CAT is a virtual tournament to let the child know their digital skills and make them curious about new advancement and technology in computer science.

You don’t have to be a coder to participate in CAT.

We at 98thPercentile encourage next generation of Non-Coders as well as Coders in a first of its kind virtual Kahoot tournament testing computational thinking , Basics of Coding, Logics, problem solving and tech literacy.

Blueprint For The Contest

Questions of the contents will be from any one of the batteries for a
which participants have enrolled.

Group 37675

Coding Success Story

Meet Sankalp,

Sankalp demonstrates remarkable talent with Python 01 coding. One of his assignments was to use “nested for loop” to write alphabet “M” using * symbols. Sankalp spent over 3 hours meticulously writing 297 lines of coding, when the assignment was for 22 lines of coding!

Group 38579
Group 38516

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Tournament Details

1. This contest is open to all students from grade 1-6
2. This is a virtual contest and will occur live on zoom.
3. Prior experience in coding is not required to participate in the contest.
4. The questions will be asked from the batteries mentioned above in the blueprint for the respective categories.
5. Contest date is February 13 and 14, 2021. All entries for the contest will end by February 11, 2021.
6. Sample tests will be sent before the tournament to give a better understanding of the types of questions that will be asked.
7. The contest will be executed via Kahoot. A mock session will occur on the day of the contest to help students understand the actual contest.
8. Student Kahoot is the group in which the student is currently according to his/her grade, for example, if the student is in 1st /2nd grade: Please select Budding coders Grade 1-2, if in 3rd/4th grade then select CAT Developing coders Grade 3-4 and Growing coders Grade 5-6 if in Grades 5 or 6.
9. Students should preferably have two devices for the competition: a laptop or computer, plus a tablet or smartphone.
10. There will be four rounds for each category and each round will consist of five questions. With each round, the complexity of the question increases.
11. Students and parents must provide correct school details.
12. This contest is only for US citizens and the questions are based on US
Computer Science Standards.

13. There is no entry fee to this tournament.
14. Students must confirm their identification to receive prizes from the contest.
15. Following the competition, winners will be interviewed by our PR team and we admit the rights to publish the interviews across various channels associated with us.
16. The contest will be recorded live, and screenshots of sessions would be taken.
17. All participants must dress up in sensible attire and be careful of their surroundings.
18. The contest team will remove the participant or disable videos in case they see disruption or unacceptable behavior on the side of participants.
19. Students will receive unique IDs on SMS and email as soon as they register for the contest. The mail/SMS must be kept with care, as it will be used as a userID for the contest.
20. In case you do not see any communication post-registration, please check your spam folders.
21. We will keep sharing important content through email, so please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.
22. In case you have registered for more than 1 kid, you will receive separate unique IDs for them.
23. This is a private contest, and we possess every right to disenroll an entry if our team finds it inappropriate.


Participate and Enjoy!

We welcome your child’s participation and ensure that they will have a
wonderful, challenging learning experience!