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free math

For Grades 1 to 6

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Are you planning to help your child revise or study? 

Don’t worry and make things go blurry. 98thPercentile’s magic wand has a solution for all your query.

How about engaging your child with some sample assessments during vacations?

Yes, vacations are to enjoy! To play and to relax! But don’t let your child lose touch with Math. To fill this gap, our expert Math teachers have  handpicked grade-wise topics and have prepared Math sample assessments for children in grades 1 to 6. These sample assessments are entirely based on Common Core State Standards and include grade-wise questions elicited on skills every child should master. These sample assessments will help your children to,

  • Reiterate the topics learned in the previous grade
  • To identity the topics of difficulty or perfection
  • Revise the topics of difficulty and not forget them over vacations
  • Strengthen your child’s basics before starting a new grade curriculum
  • Traverse the previous and upcoming grades 

MLM Girl
MLM Girl

Want your child to avail of all these benefits?

Benefits of practicing sample assessments 

  • Will help in achieving exceptional exam results 
  • Will ease out the fear of losing touch with Math
  • It will help children inculcate good learning habits 
  • Will boost children’s confidence
  • Will save time in preparing for exams

MLM Girl

Just downloading the assessments won’t help! 

 Remember the 3 ‘P’s (Keys) to success




What do Math sample assessments comprise? 

  1. Operations and algebraic thinking
  2. Operations in base 10
  3. Measurement and Data
  4. Number system- factions, decimals,
    integers, rational numbers
  1. Ratios and proportions
  2. Equations and expressions 
  3. Geometry
  4. Statistics and probabilities

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Revision marathon videos

10 Tips for being healthy  and always staying prepared for challenges 

  1. Early to bed, early to rise makes your child healthy and wise 
  2. Plan your child’s day and help him/her study every day 
  3. Add a timetable beside your child’s study table 
  4. Mocks are building blocks, utilize when exam stalks 
  5. Make your child revise but not memorize 
  6. While studying, exchange your roles and see how things change around poles 
  7. Take short breaks to avoid unnecessary retakes 
  8. Eat healthily! Junk can only increase trunk!! 
  9. Don’t forget to let the children play, before their mood turns grey 
  10. Keep your child hydrated to make his/her brain high rated 
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