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Grade 3 ENGLISH Readiness Test

DIRECTIONS: Read the story carefully and then answer the questions that follow by choosing the best answer.



Students are requested to consider the following points before taking the test:

  1. You can click on Start Test to begin the test.
  2. All the questions are in a Multiple Choice Question Format. Click on the correct option to register your answer.
  3. Only click on an option if you are certain of it being the correct answer.
  4. Once you click, it will consider that as your selection for that question and you will not be able to reverse it.
  5. Only click the SUBMIT button once you have answered the questions from all the sections.
  6. Please find a proper 60-90 minutes for the test and give it in a stretch. 
  7. Use Desktop/Laptop for better experience 
  8. All The Best!

Printable Worksheet

Hello Students. Once you have taken the test and identified the areas to improve, you can click on the link below to download printable worksheets for practice. 

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