Family Fun Vacation

Essay by - Neha Pan ( Grade 6 )

I imagine everyone has had lots of amazing vacations. My vacation takes place in Michigan. I know that is not as extraordinary as Hawaii, Canada or the Bahamas but my vacation is about fun and spending time with family. The vacation is much better than it sounds. This vacation is going to be better than ever. Join me on this family fun vacation. 

      ”Everyone get in the car, ” my mom says. In one minute, everyone is in the car. I am so excited! I ask where we are going and my uncle says to Mackinac Island. I saw many fun pictures online and I begged my parents to go there and they finally said yes and here I am on my way to Mackinac Island. I looked up to see the GPS and there was one more minute. “Eek” I squealed. I was so excited to be going there. We finally arrived after an hour and forty minutes. 

      We bought some cotton candy and we started walking.We were exploring the island and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Then we wanted to go to the other side of the island. You could either ride on a horse carriage or bike to the other side. We decided to take the horse carriage because biking to the other side was about 5 miles. The horses were very stinky. So after we went to the other side of the island, we explored. 

      Next, we decided to go camping. Yipee!!! This was going to be the first time I ever went camping. We were going camping in a RV. So after we rented a RV, we went ahead and looked for some good campsites. We found a five star campsite. We met my uncle’s friend and their daughters. We roasted smores together and we shared scary stories. We couldn’t all sleep in the camper so my uncle and his friend slept outside. It was the next morning, and we all took a bath (there were bathrooms but you have to pay 25 cents every minute for the shower). Then, we all left for our next journey. 

      Finally, we decided to go on a small cruise. When my dad said cruise, I imagined a very luxurious one with a swimming pool and with so many rooms. Well, it was the opposite of how I imagined it to be. But the scenery was beautiful. There were rocks that we shaped differently by erosion. Only after 5 minutes we got on the boat, I started throwing up. I threw up again. I knew I had car sickness but never boat sickness/motion sickness. The boat experience was the worst experience I ever had in my life. 

      As you see, my vacation is not as extraordinary as Hawaii, Canada or the Bahamas but we always were together and we were having fun as a family. In some vacations such as Mexico, the mom and dad might tan while the daughter swims and the son surfs. When we went to Mackinac Island we explored together, when we went camping we roasted smores together, and when we went on the cruise (Pictured Rocks) we were on the boat together. So that is why my vacation was very special to me.