We do not guarantee that, but the answer is most likely yes. We want the parents to believe in our Methodology. We hire only well qualified teachers and train them so everyone is consistent in what they are delivering.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. We want to hear if there are any issues immediately. Please send an email to info@98thpercentile.com of any concerns you or your child may have

Teachers capture what topics have been covered every class along with the homework. We offer Catchup/Doubts classes every week so students can attend those and get any doubts clarified and catchup the missed content.

It should be extremely rare but it may happen that a teacher does not show up for a class and wasn’t able to give a heads-up to the substitute teacher Generally, all the teachers have a protocol to let the management know if they need to miss a class and we have standby substitute teachers that take the class. We ask you to call the support number 469-666-7779 and notify if the teacher is late beyond 5 mins of schedule time

Our curiculum is modular and cumulative across the modules. Meaning, we join new students at the beginning of a new module which is generally every week Each student does teacher guided practice of every module so if a student lacks a prerequisite concept, then the teacher knows to cover that