Do you side with Goliath or David in the battle of education?

Big Goliath enrichment centers mass produce classes, lessons and assignments often failing to understand the learning style & pace of students.

Our Personalized learning solutions with award-winning platform will help your child outshine!!

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What Our English Program offers

Reading/Writing Acceleration

At 98th Percentile, we provide Live, Online, after School Accelerated English Language Arts (ELA) Classes for Grades K – 8 with access to AWARD-WINNING adaptive digital platforms and GUARANTEED grade acceleration in 6 months.

Personalized Attention

Small Class size with only up to 4 students allows teachers to pay individual attention, explain reading and writing concepts, guide students through exercises, clarify their doubts and assign homework to practice on what they have learned.

Hands-free for Parents

The classes are EASY on your time as you don’t have to drive anywhere, EASY on you as the complete process and your child’s progress is managed by us, and EASY on your wallet as we offer features that are up to 4 times more value for money compared to many others.

About the Program

Our live online classes for small groups which are, blended with software platforms for offline learning, provide an excellent way to motivate, challenge and push students to achieve their best. Moreover, our subscription also provides access to Award-winning digital platform, free of cost, for unlimited practice.

Did you know Common Core curriculum has more than 250 skills on an average for each grade? Did you also know, majority of those topics repeat but incrementally become more complex as the students go to higher grades? Traditional methods of homework packets, non-real time grading and feedback are quickly becoming obsolete and ineffective.

We strongly believe in having command over a language; both productive skills (speaking & writing) and receptive skills (listening & reading). Hence, our English Reading and Writing classes include practice of vital skills such as vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, spelling, and written discourse.

Our classes are highly interactive due to a small class size of up to only 4 students. Our Program is 100% Common Core aligned. We teach in a cumulative manner making sure there are no skill gaps.

The access to award-winning platforms coupled with competent, native-speaking American teachers, ensures differentiated acceleration.


formal instruction

Formal Instructions

Live, Online, Group (up to 4 students) classes, which permits interactive and personalized attention

teacher-guided practice

Teacher-Guided Practice

The teacher and students work together to answer questions in the classroom

self-guided practice

Self-Guided Practice

Students practice independently and can ask questions and clarify any doubts in subject matter



Regular cumulative assessments and lesson reviews help students implement and recall knowledge shared during the classes


after school enrichment

Better Grades in School

Our online classes are designed to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson and topic helps enhance their abilities and confidence in English.

low teacher to student ratio

Boost Confidence

As your child practices and enhances their skills, their self-confidence also gets a boost. This would result in speaking confidently in the class and participating keenly in class activities.

common core curriculum

Progress Report

Parents receive periodic progress reports that provide a detailed overview of your child’s work and recommendations on improving your child’s progress further.

Alignment with School Curriculum

We follow the common core curriculum. We teach in a cumulative manner ascertaining there are no skill gaps and each student is nurtured for the classroom environment as well.

Program Structure

  • Ideal for Grades K – 8
  • Live, Online Classes
  • 1 Class per Week
  • Up to 4 students per Class
  • Native Speaking American Teachers
  • Reading, Writing & Vocabulary
  • Approximately 6 months/Grade
  • No Commitment
  • Satisfaction with 2 Weeks Money Back Guarantee
  • Up to 4 times more value

Why Choose 98thPercentile

Guided Learning

Most Reading programs are just a bunch of exercises designed for kids to learn the concepts and finish the exercise. But at 98thPercentile, we provide a guided program. This means, there is a real teacher teaching, giving homework and managing all the learning so Parents don't have to.

Organized Study Plan

Our ELA curriculum is carefully designed based on the learning capacity of the grade your child belongs to. Beginning from as low as Grade 1, we have designed a learning path feasible for students of different skills and calibers. All of them converge by the end of current grade.

Engaging Course Structure

Our teachers are experts in making class fun. They teach concepts in interesting and engaging ways. They hold regular class discussions and ask students to solve part of the question so the student feels involved and part of the class. Our students are always excited to attend class.

State-of-the-art Platforms

We utilize award-winning platforms to aid our teaching. We use different platforms for Placement, Bench marking, daily practice and weekly assessments. These include our own and 3rd party systems. Along with those, we use latest technology to host our classes.

Performance Tracking

Every week, we give our students a test on what they have learned during that week and every month, we test students’ comprehensive subject knowledge. We send out periodic reports to parents about how their child is performing and measures that can be taken to improve their performance.

Fill-up Skill Gaps

We not only teach our students for the grade they have enrolled in, but also see if there are any skill gaps in any topics from the previous grades and proactively take measures to eliminate those skill gaps. If these skill gaps are left unchecked, they can hamper learning of kids.

Small Batch Size

We accept only up to 4 students in a Class. A small class ensures a perfect amalgam of focused and personalized attention and student participation. This makes it easy for students to approach the teacher and we ensure that students perform to the best of their ability. Even the most shy student will interact and engage in our Classes.

Amiable Competition

Our small classes also encourage students to compete with other classmates. This idea to compete brings in a sense of fulfillment in them and hence sparks an interest to move an extra step to get ahead of the class. This serves as the best motivation for kids to achieve excellence and a boost to learn more.

Learn From Home

The program is executed online so it can be taken from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to ferry your kids to and fro from the learning center. The program is designed to suit your lifestyle, and also ensures that your child scores the best. Sit back at home and relax while we take care of teaching your kids.


We follow Common Core standards for our online Language Arts programs and the platforms used follow standards for practice and testing as well.

Everyday practice doesn’t have to be boring! While we do assign homework and ask that students practice every day (practice makes perfect), we strive to make assignments fun by offering digital badges, celebrating completion of assignments, and showcasing best efforts through our Leader Board.

Our step by step and cumulative curriculum ensures that students are provided with a sufficient amount of review and overlap of practice from each grade. This helps students fill any skill gaps and advance further in the program at a faster rate.

grade k
Grade K
1st grade
1st Grade
2nd grade
2nd Grade
3rd grade
3rd Grade
4th grade
4th Grade
5th grade
5th Grade
6th grade
6th Grade
7th grade
7th Grade
8th grade
8th Grade


We cater to students from K-8.
When you enroll with us, you are assigned to a batch that has live classes on certain days of the week. For example, you can register yourself for Monday and Wednesday batch or Tuesday and Thursday batch or Saturday and Sunday batch. Classes are taken at the pre-decided time for a duration of 50 minutes on the said days of the week. After each class, homework is assigned to students and apart from that, there are weekly and monthly assessments that are assigned. All of the student progress is stored and is accessible to you on our student portal.

Students generally need to practice a lot to master a concept. Tutoring is essential to see if students are practicing correctly or are they making mistakes. If students are making mistakes, there needs to be tutoring sessions for as long as it takes to clarify the concept. 98thPercentile offers the perfect balance by teaching them a concept and clarifying doubts and then letting students practice for themselves.

For English Programs we hire only native speaking American teachers. For other programs, teachers are from India.
Most probably yes. But you can be assured that every teacher enrolled with us has the same quality of teaching, doubt clarification and engagement levels as all the other teachers with us.
You don’t need to worry about it. When a weekly or monthly assessment is taken, our teachers analyze the progress reports to see if the student is lagging behind on any concepts. Depending on the progress report, our teachers customize lesson plans and include additional worksheets and guidance to make sure that the skill gaps are cleared off.
All our teachers are trained to interact with the students in a positive and engaging environment. In fact, our problem is opposite. No student of ours wants to move to a different teacher. Please reach out to the administration if you have any concerns regarding a teacher.

Although rare, a teacher can miss a class for various reasons. We will attempt to have a backup teacher take that class. If not possible, we extend the subscription date for the number of missed classes.

Please check the pricing page for our customized plans for 1 month and 3-month bill payment cycle.

Our teachers constantly check to ensure that all students understand topics that are taught to them. And if gaps in understanding remain, they are detected in our weekly and monthly assessments and our teachers take actions in the form of extra guidance and practice to fulfill the skill gaps.
Our teachers can detect the learning pace of students and customize lesson plan to suit their learning speed. In addition to that, our teachers also analyze and fulfil skill gaps so students are more confident in solving questions.