Key Ideas and Details: In this section, there are three Grade 3 reading activities

  • Answer questions about key details in a text, strictly referring to the text for solutions.
  • Retell familiar stories highlighting key details and portray the understanding of the gist.
  • Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story.

Craft and Structure: In this section, there are three Grade 3 reading tasks

  • Explain the meaning of keywords, and also emphasize the difference between the literal meaning and the meaning with reference to the text.
  • Use accurate vocabulary to refer to certain parts of a text and also be coherent throughout the text.
  • Differentiate between personal opinion, the opinion of the narrator and that of the characters.

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas:

  • Determine how certain words and phrases help in setting the tone of the story. Compare and contrast the finer details of the works of the same author.

Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity:

  • Engage in reading complex literature and being competent enough to comprehend it in order to stay ahead in the game.

How does it work?

  • Twice a week of live online classes
  • Self guided practice
  • Weekly assessments
  • Friendly competitions
  • Be in the top 98th percentile


formal instruction

Formal Instructions

Live, Online, Group (up to 5 students) classes, which permits interactive and personalized attention

teacher-guided practice

Teacher-Guided Practice

The teacher and students work together to answer questions in the classroom

self-guided practice

Self-Guided Practice

Students practice independently and can ask questions and clarify any doubts in subject matter



Regular cumulative assessments and lesson reviews help students implement and recall knowledge shared during the classes


after school enrichment

Better Grades in School

Our online classes are designed to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson and topic helps enhance their abilities and confidence in English.

low teacher to student ratio

Boost Confidence

As your child practices and enhances their skills, their self-confidence also gets a boost. This would result in speaking confidently in the class and participating keenly in class activities.

common core curriculum

Progress Report

Parents receive periodic progress reports that provide a detailed overview of your child’s work and recommendations on improving your child’s progress further.

Alignment with School Curriculum

We follow the common core curriculum. We teach in a cumulative manner ascertaining there are no skill gaps and each student is nurtured for the classroom environment as well.


We follow Common Core standards for our online Language Arts programs and the platforms used follow standards for practice and testing as well.

Everyday practice doesn’t have to be boring! While we do assign homework and ask that students practice every day (practice makes perfect), we strive to make assignments fun by offering digital badges, celebrating completion of assignments, and showcasing best efforts through our Leader Board.

Our step by step and cumulative curriculum ensures that students are provided with a sufficient amount of review and overlap of practice from each grade. This helps students fill any skill gaps and advance further in the program at a faster rate.

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