Shuan Success Story

Shaun has been an ELA student with Miss Rebecca in her ELA Grade 4 class. Both his parents and teacher are very amazed at the progress he is and has shown.  Look at what they have to say about Shaun!


Parents Review (Ashly Thomas) :

Shaun’s experience with 98thPercentile has been really great. He has a great learning of language, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading comprehension and writing which helped to build a good foundation for 5th grade. I would specifically say Ms. Rebecca’s encouragement and support made him to do his work regularly progress so well. Thank you for all the support. 

Teacher Review (Ms. Rebecca) :

Shaun excels in ELA Language, as is shown by his acceleration into the Grade 5 proficiency, which is at 23%. His perseverance and attention have paid off in ELA Grade 4, and have provided him with a solid foundation for his English learning in ELA  Grade5. Excellent work, Shaun!