98thPercentile Speech Club

A Speech for each!
Speak up loud with us!

Grades 3 to 8

Exclusively for 98thPercentile students.
Opportunity to create, share & win!

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Hi there, Welcome to 98th Speech Club!

As part of our Public Speaking program, you have an opportunity to participate in the speech club, where you can upload a video of yourself; giving a speech on a monthly theme and get a chance to win exciting prices.

“It usually takes me more than 3 weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech”

– Mark Twain

You read it right! When Mr. Mark Twain himself needs 3 weeks to prepare a speech, then you’ll be given the exact same number of days to prepare your speech.

Go through the timeline below to know more.

3rd of Every Month

– A theme will be announced.
– Keep an eye on FB page, emails, website

27th of Every Month

– Deadline to submit video.
– Wait for the results.

30th of Every Month

– Winners will be announced.
– Press release, Gifts & Coupons.

public speaking speech by girl

Some parameters to consider before recording your video

Body Language Gestures
Content Creativity
Visual Aids
Voice Modulation
Use of

These are also the parameters that will be evaluated to decide the Winner!

Process of uploading video

Check out the theme & instructions for the month on our FB page or website or email.

Record a good quality video using your smartphone.

Upload the video on YouTube.

Share the link of YouTube video

Guidelines of Speech Club

98thpercentile speech club
  1. Only the enrolled students of Public Speaking program can become the members of the Speech Club.
  2. Each student can submit only one video in a month.
  3. Once a video is submitted, it can’t be replaced.
  4. Duration of the video should not be more than 5 minutes.

98thPercentile’s Public Speaking program offers a diverse range of topics and genres to prepare students for a variety of speaking opportunities.

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