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The most awaited spelling challenge is back! This summer is going to get exciting and filled with fun with the upcoming competition. Fold your sleeves up and get ready to compete in the rollercoaster of words. For 98thPercentile, this competition is a festivity of spelling and literacy within our amazing community of young learners across the country!
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98thPercentile’s Kahoot Spelling Bee is a one of its kind event designed to engage students via two of the most vital skills – reading and writing in a friendly competitive way. With the competition happening in a virtual setting using the Kahoot platform (Kahoot.com), students will have a chance to connect with other children of their age all around America. The Spell Kahoot 2.0 will encourage students to work towards a positive common goal, foster confidence and perseverance, and provide a virtual platform to display their achievements.

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All students who appear in the final event will be provided with participation certificates!

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How is 98thPercentile’s SPELL KAHOOT different?

Our Kahoot-based Spelling Bee competition (Spell Kahoot 2.0) will provide invaluable skills to your child. Their cognitive and concentration skills will be tested and enhanced. Students will learn time management and organization through detailed preparation leading up to the event. The competition will foster a competitive spirit as students have to combine speed with accuracy when competing with other teams. Students will compete in their respective age group with children across the country. The competition will also instill critical thinking.

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Spell Kahoot 2.O Details

  1. Spell Kahoot 2.0 contest will be held for 3 categories: grades 1 & 2, grades 3 & 4, and grades 5 &6. Grade levels for the competition are determined by current school grades.
  2. Students and parents must provide genuine school details.
  3. This contest is meant only for students from Grade 1 to 6 residing in United States.
  4. Spell Kahoot 2.0 will take place entirely online.
  5. The Spell Kahoot 2.0 will be held in 3 categories on the following dates as follows:
    • Early Learners (Grades 1 & 2): June 26, 2021
    • Runners (Grades 3 & 4): June 27, 2021
    • Champs (Grades 5 & 6): June 27, 2021
  6. Winners would be announced on the day of contest.
  7. Awards and scholarships:
    • 1st place winners: 3-month subscription to any of our
      classes (worth over $300) and $50 Amazon gift card
    • 2nd place winners: 80% scholarship subscription for 3 months to any of our classes and $20 Amazon gift card
    • 3rd place winners: 50% scholarship subscription for 3 months to any of our classes and $10 Amazon gift card
    • Featured blog interviews and digital press release
      about the 3 winners per category
    • Participation certificates for all contestants
  1. This competition has only one level, and no follow-up events will occur for this event, though similar challenges in various categories and subjects will be planned monthly.
  2. Students must confirm their identity to receive the prizes upon winning.
  3. There is NO ENTRY FEE to this competition.
  4. Following the competition, winners will be interviewed by our PR team and we admit the rights to publish the interviews across various channels associated with us.
  5. Students will receive unique IDs  on SMS and email as soon as students register for the contest. The mail/ SMS must be kept with care, as it will be used as a user ID for the contest.
  6. In case you do not see any communication post registration, please check your spam folders.
  7. We will keep sharing some important content through email which will comprise of the helping material to be competition ready, so please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.
  8. In case you have registered for more than 1 kid, you will receive separate unique IDs for each of them.
  9. This is a private contest, and we possess every right to disenroll an entry if our team finds it inappropriate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Any US citizen who is currently in Grade 1-6 in any of the schools is eligible to apply.

What is the contest date?

The contest will take place over 2 days. For Grade 1 & 2 on 26th June’2021 and for Grade 3 & 4 and Grade 5 & 6 on 27th June’2021

How do I apply?

You need to fill up the basic registration form. Once done, you will get a detailed form on the email ID provided. To complete the registration process, you have to furnish all the details requested in the detailed form. 

Why providing school details are mandatory for participation?

Spell Kahoot 2.0 is organized into three different categories. Furnishing correct school grades ensure that the child is placed in the age appropriate category. 

Is it a group or individual challenge?

It is basically an individual challenge that is achieved by teamwork.

Is there a mock contest before the event?

Yes, there will be a mock contest. The mock contest will help participants to understand the contest platform well in advance.

Is there any fee attached to participate?

No, the contest is completely free of cost.

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