Why Coding BL Guru of 98thPercentile is the best gift for you kid ?

”In next ten years, 3 out of 5 jobs will require coding proficiency in US Markets.”

98thPercentile has expert teachers in coding having experience of more than 1000s of hours in online teaching.

 Our BL-Guru module comprises 5 gaming projects, which include interesting games like Pacman, Super Mario, and Boat Racing.

The program allows students to create these games on their own and also helps to enhance public speaking skills which include the creation of blog posts, video recording of their game’s progress and uploading the blogs and videos.

”We aim to provide a comprehensive project to help students become a confident and skilled technical worker, capable of performing all the basic computing operations as efficiently as possible.”

Features of BL-Guru

  1. 5 Complete Gaming projects
  2. 2 Public speaking classes which comprise of Blog creation, video recording and uploading
  3. 2 Showdown with parents to give pulse check of student’s progress
  4. Introduction to the backend knowledge of game creation

Check out our detailed curriculum of BL-Guru.

At 98thPercentile we strictly follow the given standards of our curriculum designed by experts and inspired by code.org.


  • CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards (2017) AP – Algorithms & Programming
  • Cross-curricular Opportunities Common Core English Language Arts Standards
  • Common Core Math Standards MP – Math Practices NBT – Number And Operations In Base Ten
  • Next Generation Science Standards ETS – Engineering in the Sciences


We envision fabricating brilliant minds that cultivate love for coding and steadily turn them into an independent coder. Check out a sample game from one of our students who enrolled for our

regular program, to explore a world of possibilities for your child.