Why Should My Child Learn to Code? Why isn’t Traditional Schooling Enough?

“Coding is a 21st century life skill as 800 mn jobs move to AI & robotics in the next few years. If you start early,
coding can develop a child’s problem solving & structured thinking ability.”

Unfortunately, even if your school is one of the few schools actively offering coding classes, they typically do not properly prepare students. They either fail to incorporate the proper programming languages that can jumpstart your kid’s career or simply don’t have as many tools and resources as are available in supplemental programs.

At 98thPercentile, when we started with the idea of launching a coding module for kids, we researched a lot and finally came up with these insights.

Start Early, Start Easy

At 98thPercentile, we believe that coding for kids can only be developed through curiosity and problem solving. When trying alternate methods becomes a second nature for kids, they become natural problem solvers. That’s why, at 98thPercentile, we provide introduce coding for kids, through puzzles and not through mundane syntax of different languages.

“Our program comprises of 7 different coding modules for different grade levels and complexities with approximately 100 different puzzles, it helps develop logical capability in children not only that, we also believe in overall development of kids, so we have few classes for digital literacy covering concepts like cyber bullying and ways to handle it and online safety.

At 98thPercentile, we believe in early start in teaching coding for kids. So we start providing modules from Grade 2.

Progressive Learning Makes Sense

Many scientific studies have concluded that progressive learning leads to wholesome learning for kids. At 98thPercentile, we strictly follow US Coding curriculum standards and all our modules are strictly progressive in nature making it one of the most efficient complete coding module.

In conclusion, if a student learns to solve regular life problems, it can act as a catalyst in developing the nerve for coding. Because like life, in coding, volume of code doesn’t matter, quality and logic behind it matters.