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Math & English Mock Tests

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Grade-wise Math & English Mock Test
For Grades 1 to 6

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Have you completed your Math and English syllabus, are done with the revision, and now waiting to ace your finals? Students! Before you go and write your finals, do you know where you stand in terms of preparation? The best way is to check through mock tests right before your finals. Our Kahoot-Based Math & English mock tests will give you much-needed practice. This single mock test is more than enough to test the student on the grade-wise Math and English lessons and concepts on the Kahoot platform - and voila! You are ready for the finals.

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Wondering How Kahoot-Based Mock Tests Are Beneficial? Here's How-

Mock Tests To Get More Done

Helps In Boosting Performance In Finals

Curated By Expert tutors

Curated By Expert English & Math Teachers

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Lively Test-Taking Environment With Kahoot

Helps In Boosting Performance

Strategically Planned Mock Tests To Get More Done

Understanding Individual Conceptual Gap

Helps In Understanding Individual Conceptual Gap

Here’s What We Will Cover In The Mock Tests


  1. Geometry
  2. Operations in base 10
  3. Measurement and Data
  4. Ratios and Proportions
  5. Equations and expressions 
  6. Statistics and probabilities
  7. Operations and algebraic thinking
  8. Number system- fractions, decimals & more

English Language Arts

  1. Spelling
  2. Parts of Speech
  3. Sentences and Paragraphs
  4. Vocabulary Strategies and Use
  5. Capitalization and Punctuation
  6. Formal and Informal Language
  7. Figurative and Descriptive Language
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Mock tests are immensely beneficial for students as they measure progress and make students familiar with the actual assessments.

9 Tips for Successful Exam Preparation

  1. Make sure you start early and have plenty of time to study
  2. Prepare an exam schedule so you know what subjects to study and on which days
  3. Make a plan and organize your study space
  4. Practice with 98thPercentile Kahoot based Mock Tests
  5. Establish a study group with your classmates
  6. Explain your answers to others
  7. Take short study breaks
  8. Eat healthy and drink lots of water
  9. Get good sleep
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Who are we?

  • 98thPercentile, a quickly growing online learning platform that is sweeping the nation and catapulting students grades ahead in Math, English, Coding and Public Speaking courses. at a time when the return to traditional schooling is uncertain, 98th percentile offers students a way to increase their skills and advance their education all from the comfort of home.
  • We organize such webinars and digital events (spell kahoot, smart math olympiad, coding aptitude test, and many more) on a constant endeavor to provide quality education to children across the united states with the aim of nurturing and instilling entrepreneurship qualities within them.
  • We have the credit of flourishing academic careers and adding wings to more than 1000 students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kahoot based Math & English Mock Tests are grade wise mock tests designed for students of grades 1-6 that help to evaluate, document and measure the learning progress through Kahoot before actual assessments.

Any US resident who is currently in Grade 1-6 in any of the schools is eligible to apply.

You can take the mock test any time you want.

Interested parents need to complete the registration by clicking on "Register Now" on this page. Once you submit the form, you will receive the link/s to the test. You will also receive an email with your child's unique ID, which is mandatory to use when Kahoot asks "Nickname".

The mock tests are crafted by experts at 98thPercentile. 98thPercentile is a leading online learning company providing accelerated after-school programs in Math, English, Coding & Public Speaking.

No, this is completely free of cost.

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