About 98thPercentile

98thPercentile offers online, after-school, enrichment and acceleration programs in Math, English (Reading & Writing), Coding, and SAT for Grade K to 12 students. Our enrichment programs are designed to enhance your child’s overall academic development.

At 98thPercentile, our vision is to offer a live, online, differentiated, acceleration program for K to 12 students in Math, English (Reading & Writing), Coding, and SAT through MULTI-AWARD WINNING curriculum and platforms, at an unbeatable cost that is up to 4 times cheaper compared to many other programs as a managed service.

Our teaching methodology is non-repetitive and aims to challenge students by introducing new concepts and skills each week. Our comprehensive program is one of a kind. We are the one of the best learning center to provide instruction in Math, English, Coding, and SAT all under one roof.

Offered Programs for Grade Advancement


Enhance Math skills in ways that go beyond repetitive memorization. Fix skill gaps and learn new skills to
stay ahead.


Advance abilities in the areas of Reading, reading, writing, language, vocabulary and spelling. Learn from our expert American teachers.


Coding is a life skill. Incorporate problem solving at young age with our engaging, games & projects-based
Coding program.

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