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creates History again...


to the Math Kangaroo 2023 National Winners

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From 33 to 65 national ranks in 1 year!
In Math Kangaroo USA 2023

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Double the national ranks, double the success - 98thPercentile is proud to help students achieve their full potential in math!

The Kangaroo Math competition tests participants in each level on mathematical knowledge that goes beyond the textbook. The test is taken by millions of students every year all around the world making it the biggest math competition ever. Standing out amid so many competitors is extremely challenging but our students have done it by securing not one or two but 33 national ranks this year.

In 2021, we had one student achieve a national rank in the Math Kangaroo exam. While we were proud of that achievement, we knew we could do better. Fast forward to 2022, and our students' hard work and dedication paid off as we achieved 33 national ranks in the exam. But we didn't stop there - we continued to push ourselves and our students, and in 2023, we're thrilled to announce that we've achieved an outstanding 65 national ranks in the Math Kangaroo exam. This growth and success is a testament to our commitment to helping students reach their full potential in math.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

- Pele

The Dedicated Team Behind The Success of Students

From teaching concepts from the Math Kangaroo past papers to having students practice them, our team of dedicated teachers have made it possible through their hard work, time, and efforts. They have consistently assisted students in improving their problem-solving abilities.

Ms. Himani

Lead Teacher

Ms. Pallavi

Co-Lead Teacher

Ms. Tasneem

Math Teacher

Ms. Manishi

Math Teacher

Ms. Nisha

Math Teacher

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Free Math Kangaroo Classes

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Live Doubt Solving & Practice

Assistance from Teachers

Are you pondering about....

  • Math competitions for your elementary grade child?
  • How to get the highest score on SAT?
  • Other standardized tests such as ACT/CogAT?
  • Getting some ACT math practice before entering high school?
  • How to get a higher score than your previous math test score at school?

Whether you are Kangaroo math contest enthusiast, or preparing for other standardized tests, or wanting to improve your scores in math test, your search should end here.

Starting to study math and improving your scores right from elementary school is crucial if you want to go for higher level math competitions or even appear for standardized tests in the near future.

Our free Math mock tests designed for each grade are highly beneficial and is the solution for your questions...

Mock tests and Kangaroo math?
Mock tests and standardized tests?
…. but how?

With these mock tests you will get a head start on where you stand in terms of preparation and help you understand the individual conceptual gap (bonus: will also give you much needed practice If you are taking end of the year exams) which in turn will help you understand how to prepare for competitive exams and since when should you start preparing for the standardized tests.



Who Are We?

98thPercentile is an award-winning platform which offers Math, English, Coding, and Public Speaking Acceleration Programs to the students of grades K-12 via Live, Online, Small Group classes.

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Math Kangaroo is an International Math Olympiad. It is a 75- minute multiple choice-based test with higher order thinking skills problems. Every year this contest is held on the third Thursday of March.
You can register for the Math Kangaroo at school centers or individually. Registrations start in the month of September every year for students studying in the US. For more details, visit their official website.
Students from Grade 1 to 12 from all over the world can participate in Math Kangaroo.
You can appear for the Math Kangaroo contest via In-person Center (Public), In-Person or Online Center (Invitation code needed from school) or Virtual Center (no school affiliation). These options can be chosen while registering for the contest.
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