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It Pays To Have Friends

Introduce 98thPercentile to them and surprises will knock your door..! Invite your friend(s) to try 98thPercentile’s programs. They get free classes for up to 4 weeks and you get rewarded with gift Cards or our services.

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Get your friend’s child(ren) to learn from experts at 98thPercentile and unlock benefits.



Create your referral account.



Promote your referral link among your friends and family.


Offer Free Classes

Your referral will get upto 4 weeks of trial classes before making any purchase.



After completion of successful purchase by your referral you will earn bonus points or credit.

Have Friends?

WHen you refer a friend and invite them to signup with 98thpercentile, your friend will get free classes for up to 4 weeks. And you will earn $25 Gift card for each purchase done by your friend(s) for first 10 successful transaction. And $50 for 11th subscription onwards. You can earn infinite money through our Refer and Earn program.

Purchase by referral Gift Card No. enrollments done by your friends Your Potential Earnings
0-10 $25 Each 10 $25 X 10 = $250
Above 10 $50 Each 15 ($25 X 10 = $250) + ($50 X 5 = $250) = $500

Lets assume you have 10 friends and they have 2 kids each.
10 Parent X 2 Students X 4 Programs = 80 Purchases
10 Purchase X $25 = $250 Bonus + 70 Purchase X $50 = $3500

Your Minimum Estimanew-gr-Income $3750

(4 Programs - Math, English, Coding and Public Speaking)


Purchase by referral Billing Credit No. enrollments done by your friends Your Potential Billing Credit
0-10 $50 Each 10 $50 X 10 = $500
Above 10 $100 Each 15 ($50 X 10 = $500) + ($100 X 5 = $500) = $1000

This is a billing credit towards 98thPercentile and not a cash offer.


98thpercentile embarked its journey in 2018 with the vision to help students attain the best online learning experience. We strive hard and we take immense pride in our students' achievements and it acts as a major driving force too. Nothing would have been possible without our parents' support and reviews. We thank all parents and guardians for being our polar star and helping us to sail to the right direction. Keep Loving us and spread your experience with your friends, family and loved once, it means a lot to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any US resident who is currently in Grade 1-6 in any of the schools is eligible to apply.

You need to fill up the basic registration form. Once done, you will get a detailed form on the email ID provided. To complete the registration process, you have to furnish all the details requesnew-gr-in the detailed form.

Furnishing correct school grades ensure that the child is placed in the age-appropriate category.

No, this event organized by 98thPercentile is completely free of cost.

This event is organized by 98thPercentile, a leading online learning platform providing acceleranew-gr-after-school programs in Math, English, Coding & Public Speaking.

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