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The greatest video game of all time

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pacman game design

If you are up for the challenge then why not design a pacman game that overtook the world in the
1980s and remains as the highest grossing franchise even today!!!

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PAC-MAN DIY ebook will let your child

Design their
own pac-man

instruction- based

Master logical

Demonstrate their
gaming skills

About Pac-Man

Pac-man is one of the most popular legendary maze game released in 1980

Here is a chance for your kids to design their own Pacman Game with an enduring cultural and gaming legacy. The game is a maze, which is controlled by the player who is basically the pac-man. The pac-man must eat all the dots which are present inside the enclosed maze. It needs to avoid the four coloured ghosts,who are an integral part of the gaming journey, moving at different algorithms/directions to add surprise element for the gamer.


pacman game design


He takes you to the shortest route, but immediately follows you,once you eat him.

blue pacman design


He is unpredictable and dangerous.

pacman game design


He likes to take you around to roundabout paths to
surprise you.

CLYDE pacman


He is the least threatening. He not only breaks the rhyming pattern, but also is the last ghost.


It would be more engaging and entertaining when your child can spend his/her leisure time scrolling up and down the sheets and designing his/her own customized game.


A complete self-help e-book will not only help your child develop the game, but also help him/her
in developing

Cognitive Skills

Computational Skills

Critical thinking skills

Logical Thinking Skills

Design Thinking Skills

Problem Solving Skills

So, don’t miss the chance of giving your child an amazing fun filled learning experience.

No prior coding experience required

#facts about pac-man

It was one of the most successful arcade games of all time, yet its creator didn’t get rich from it.

The highest score possible is 3,333,360 points.

Pac-man designer Toru Iwatani had no training as a designer or programmer.

One event called pac-manhattan set a guinness world record for “largest pac-man game” in 2004.

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