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Inviting Young Quizmasters To The
Ultimate Battle Of Brains

Whizz 2.0

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For Grades K-8
On January 7th-8th, 2023

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online quiz whizz competition

Get ready for an adventurous learning experience in a fun & fierce quiz competition. 98thPercentile’s Quiz Whizz is the ultimate quiz competition where curious minds will battle each other showcasing their prowess in the general knowledge and general awareness domains. This is the ultimate battle of brains where students of grades K-8 across the country are invited to play and win awards & scholarships worth $2000.

We Are Finding The Next Sorcerers Of Intellect…
Is Your Child One Of Them?

In today’s world, children have to broaden their knowledge and go beyond the regular school curriculum. General knowledge and awareness play an important role in achieving it and help young minds to build a confident and knowledgeable personality. Quiz Whizz is here to bring out the enthusiasm and zeal towards general knowledge and awareness amongst students.

Quiz Whizz Would Be Testing The Young Quizmasters For Their Knowledge On The Following Topics:

  • Scientists & Inventions
  • Landmarks, Monuments & Places
  • Cities, States & Countries
  • Flags & Currencies
  • Famous & Influential People
  • Latest News (Relevant in the years 2021 &2022)
  • Current Affairs & Trends (Relevant in the years 2021 & 2022)
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Outline Of The Competition:

Quiz Whizz would be executed in 2 ROUNDS on the same day.


  1. All the participants are eligible to play this round.
  2. 15 Questions would be asked in a Kahoot Quiz.
  3. Top 5 participants would be selected for the Final Round.
  4. All participants would be given participation certificates.
online quiz competition

Round 2: FINALS

  1. Top 5 participants of Round-1 would be eligible to play this round.
  2. Participants would be required to turn ON their video.
  3. This would be a live round where the host would ask questions and the participant would answer.
  4. Top 3 participants would be winners of the contest and eligible for Scholarships, Interviews and Winner Certificates.
98thpercentile quiz competition

Let The Quest Of Knowledge Begin And


Levels Dates Days Time/Zone
GRADES K-2 January 7, 2023 Saturday 11:00 AM CST
GRADES 3&4 January 7, 2023 Saturday 12:30 PM CST
GRADES 5&6 January 8, 2023 Sunday 11:00 AM CST
GRADES 7&8 January 8, 2023 Sunday 12:30 PM CST

Why Participate In The Quiz Whizz Contest?

quiz competition for students

Quiz Whizz contest is a great way to engage your child in an extra-curricular activity. They will learn and gain knowledge beyond the textbooks during the preparation. They will build learning habits that spark enthusiasm, inspiring them to become an avid learner from a young age. They will build confidence as they will learn more about the current affairs and general facts that are necessary for building a smarter personality. Watch them become more knowledgeable as they prepare for the contest.


Test your General knowledge & General Awareness skills


Learn time management, organization, and preparation


Engage with peers across
the country


With online participation in the contest


While learning and participating in the contest

Our Success Story:

Rishi Nagabandi, is a prodigious student of the coding subject of 98thPercentile. He took part in IKCC World Scratch Coding Competition 2022 along with 999 competitors from 52 countries and secured 04th rank. His talent also got recognized with an 'Outstanding Animation' award in the 11- and 12-year categories.

quiz competition for kids

98thPercentile is an e-Learning company providing accelerated courses in MATH, ELA, CODING and PUBLIC SPEAKING.

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Quiz Whizz Details

  1. Quiz Whizz contest will be held for 4 categories: Grades K - 2, Grades 3 & 4, Grades 5 & 6 and Grades 7 & 8. Grade levels for competition are determined by current school grades.
  2. Students and parents are expected to provide correct school details during the time of registration.
  3. This contest is meant only for students from Grades K to 8 residing in the United States.
  4. Quiz Whizz is a virtual contest that will take place entirely online.
  5. Contest date is January 7 & 8, 2023. All entries for the contest will end by January 5, 2023.
  6. Quiz Whizz will be held in 4 categories on the following dates as follows:
    • Grades K-2: January 7, 2023 (11:00 AM Central Time)
    • Grades 3&4: January 7, 2023 (12:30 PM Central Time)
    • Grades 5&6: January 8, 2023 (11:00 AM Central Time)
    • Grades 7&8: January 8, 2023 (12:30 PM Central Time)
  7. Winners will be announced on the day of contest.
  8. This is a Kahoot challenge, so students will earn points based on speed and accuracy for every question.
  9. This competition has only one level, and no follow-up events will occur for this event, though similar challenges in various categories and subjects will be held monthly.
  10. Awards and Scholarships:
    • 1st place winners: $75 Amazon gift card and 12-weeks subscription to any of our programs (worth over $300)
    • 2nd place winners: $50 Amazon gift card and 80% scholarship subscription for 12 weeks to any of our programs.
    • 3rd place winners: $25 Amazon gift card and 50% scholarship subscription for 12 weeks to any of our programs.
    • Featured blog interviews and digital press release about the 3 winners per category
    • Participation certificates for all contestants
  1. There is NO ENTRY FEE to this competition
  2. Students must confirm their identity to receive the prizes upon winning. In case students are not able to confirm their identity, the prize will by default get shifted to next student in the waiting list.
  3. Following the competition, winners will be interviewed by our PR team and we admit the rights to publish the interviews across various channels associated with us.
  4. Students will receive unique IDs on SMS and email as soon as students register for the contest. The mail/SMS must be kept with care, as it will be used as a user ID for the contest.
  5. In case you do not see any communication post-registration, please check your email spam folders.
  6. Participants are requested to subscribe to our mailing list to ensure they do not miss any preparatory material for Quiz Whizz
  7. In case you have registered for more than one child, you will receive separate unique IDs for each of them.
  8. This is a private contest, and we possess every right to disenroll an entry if our team finds it inappropriate.

Who are we?

98thPercentile is the most sought-after, award-winning, e-Learning platform that offers Math, English, Coding, and Public Speaking Acceleration Programs to the students of grades K-12 via Live, Online, and Small Group classes. Now, after tremendous success in the United States of America.

We are built by a team from:

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Any US resident who is currently in Grade K-8 in any of the schools is eligible to apply.

You need to fill up the basic registration form. Once done, you will get a detailed form on the email ID provided. To complete the registration process, you have to furnish all the details requested in the detailed form.

Furnishing correct school grades ensure that the child is placed in the age-appropriate category.

No, this event organized by 98thPercentile is completely free of cost.

This event is organized by 98thPercentile, a leading online learning platform providing accelerated after-school programs in Math, English, Coding & Public Speaking.

Participate and Enjoy!

We welcome your child’s participation and ensure that they will have a
wonderful, challenging learning experience!

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