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We at 98thPercentile have a service to offer live online, differentiated, acceleration program for K to 12 students in Math, English (Reading & Writing), Coding, and Public Speaking.

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Here are the highlights of our service

Accelerated Curriculum

Our students are a grade ahead in just 6 months

Customized Learning

The class size is 1:4*

Proactive & Progressive

Focus on Skill Gap fixing

zero parental involvement

Classes are designed to be able to be taken by the student

Access to award-winning Platform

To practice their homework

5 Star reviews

5 Star reviews on Facebook and 4.9 Star reviews on Google

Have Followers?

Our commission pay-out works very simply. You will be provided with a customized UTM that you would put up on your social handle & drive your followers to the 98thPercentile official website, wherein for each successful conversion you will be eligible for the incentive / Amazon Gift Voucher.

Purchase by your Followers Gift Card No. of Purchase 40 Your Estimate Earnings
0-10 $25 Each 10 $25 X 10 = $250
Above 10 $50 Each 30 ($25 X 10 = $250) + ($50 X 30 = $1500) = $1750

Let's assume your 10 followers with 2 Kids each liked our programs and decide to make a purchase.
10 followers X 2 Children X 4 Programs = 80 Purchases
(10 Purchases X $25 = $250) + (70 Purchases X $50= $ 3500)

Your minimum estimated income would be
($250+$3500 = $3700 worth of Amazon Gift Voucher)


Sounds great right?

We want to create a win-win situation and we hope you follow.

What is your benefit?

This will help to form a stronger bond with your followers

No cap on earning

Up to 8 Free Classes for your followers without asking for credit card details

We are sure you’d be able to make the most of the opportunity for us too. I can set up a call for further discussion if that suits you.

We’re excited to have you join our team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any US resident who is currently in Grade 1-6 in any of the schools is eligible to apply.

You need to fill up the basic registration form. Once done, you will get a detailed form on the email ID provided. To complete the registration process, you have to furnish all the details requesnew-gr-in the detailed form.

Furnishing correct school grades ensure that the child is placed in the age-appropriate category.

No, this event organized by 98thPercentile is completely free of cost.

This event is organized by 98thPercentile, a leading online learning platform providing acceleranew-gr-after-school programs in Math, English, Coding & Public Speaking.

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