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Presenting a DIY eBook to create and customize your own


the boat race game

For Budding Coders of Grades 2 to 7

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boat race game

Ahoy, Young Sailors! As we onboard the 2022 ship, 98thPercentile welcomes all with yet another
Fun & Learn Hands-On Activity.

As fun as games And productive as studies Learning to Code is a Win-Win for both Parents & Kids!

boat race game for kids

This DIY Boat Race Game will enable your child to:

  • Design & Code a game from scratch
  • Practice instruction-based learning
  • Develop logical thinking & reasoning
  • Demonstrate their gaming skills
  • Inculcate computational skills
  • Nurture cognitive skills
boat race game for students

Scratch is the most popular and user-friendly coding platform to create games and animations. Create your own fun “Boat Race Game” by following the detailed instructions in the E-book. Our expert teachers from 98thPercentile have curated the E-book explaining the coding concepts of the game along with simple coding instructions which will help your child understand and learn the Basics of Scratch.

What is exciting about the E-Book?

  • Introduction to Scratch and its elements
  • Design the game on Scratch
  • Detailed explanation of the codes and working of the game
  • Final code summary of the game
  • Keywords used in Scratch
  • Demo link for the final game
how to create boat race game on scratch
how to design boat race game on scratch

Download the E-book now and start your journey with coding. Give shape to your imagination and ideas with coding and be the creator of the adventure. This summer, instead of being Jack, the dull boy, be the Jack with the master of coding. Keep learning and keep coding.

What our students have to say about our coding program?

Girl designed boat race game
Girl designed boat race game

Haasa Mukka is in Grade 3 and has created more than 15 games on the Scratch platform within 3 months. Here is what she has to say about our coding program.

”I enjoyed and learned a lot of new things in my coding classes with 98thPercentile. Before these classes, I was unaware of coding but now I have created more than 15 games on Scratch. I loved making these games with my teacher. I give a 10/10 to 98thPercentiles’s Coding program.”

Girl designed boat race game

“I taught myself how to program computers when I was a kid, bought my first computer when I was 10, and sold my first commercial program when I was 12.”- Elon Musk


Wait no more and give your child this opportunity to cherish a complete self-help eBook to both envision
and execute a customized game from scratch.


No prior coding experience required

Our Coding Program

98thPercentile’s Coding program is one of its kind with our curriculum designed by experts and is designed according to the complexity parameters of US coding standards. The vision of the coding program is to create future entrepreneurs and technology leaders by making students future ready with technology. For more insights on your coding program visit and book your Free-Trial class.

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