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Image Recognition App

A Free DIY Video Tutorial + Guided Learning E-Book to code your own App

For Budding Coders & Non-Coders of
Grades 1 - 5

learn to code
learn to code

Why Learn To Code?

Most of today’s jobs would be obsolete in the next 10 years. How do you prepare your
child for something that doesn’t exist yet?

Modern Problems need Modern Solutions.
Learn the Art of Problem Solving By Learning – To – Code!

Hello Parents! Have you considered coding for your little one yet? If not, it’s the right time to begin. Here’s an exciting opportunity to introduce your child to the wonderful world of Coding. And what better than having them create an APP, all on their own?

Introducing The Image Recognition App

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A Boy Playing
With A Dog

Image Recognition is a fun beginner-level app that will be created on the platform Thunkable. It has an exciting feature that uses AI to identify all the elements present in an image. The input would be an image either fetched from the gallery or clicked fresh using the Camera app. The output would be a description of all the elements present in the image.

This DIY Image Recognition App will enable your child to:

  • Design & Code an App from inception
  • Practice Instruction-Based learning
  • Develop Logical Thinking & Reasoning skills
  • Demonstrate Coding skills
  • Inculcate Computational skills
  • Nurture Cognitive skills
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What Is Thunkable?

Thunkable is a free platform to build iOS, Android, and web apps. Hence, making it extremely easy and fun to use. It is a wonderful platform for beginners and budding coders. It is a perfect fit for students who spend a lot of time on smartphones or tablets and want to build their own mobile apps or someone who wants to learn to code but doesn't know where to start. Even if a student has zero coding experience, he/she can create their first app within an hour and begin building more complex apps from there.

What Is Exciting About This DIY Project?

  • Design an App on Thunkable
  • Guided Video Tutorial for hands-on learning.
  • Detailed commands of the code & how to run it.
  • Final code summary of the App
  • Compilation used in Thunkable
  • Demo link for the final App
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Coding ignites creative sparks in students & helps them become Logical Thinkers!

Download this DIY App Kit right now and kick-start your coding journey.

Success Story

Maurya, one of the students of 98thPercentile's coding program of Grade 1 participated in the IKCC World Scratch Animation Challenge 2022 which was held in the month of March and stood at 29th position out of the 604 participants across 44 countries. His teacher Ms. Vedavalli says that it was his amazing logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities and perseverance that hepled him achieve this.

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Who are we?

98thPercentile is an award-winning platform whichoffers Math, English, Coding, and Public Speaking Acceleration Programs to the students of grades K-12 via Live, Online, Small Group classes. We are built by a team from:

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