Personalised And Interactive Online Classes For A Complete Learning
Experience our outstanding academic delivery and award-winning platform blended to bring out the best in your child.
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Our Students are Grades Ahead in Math, English & Coding
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Identify Skill Gaps

Interactive Live Online Classes For A Complete Learning

Experience our outstanding academic delivery and award-winning platform blended to bring out the best in your child.
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Our Students are Grades Ahead in Math, English & Coding
Find out if YOUR child is too by taking our FREE, ONLINE,
placement test!
Identify Skill Gaps

98thPercentile offers Live Online, Math, English, Public Speaking and Coding programs for K-12 students that are geared to drive them a grade ahead in just 6 months, GUARANTEED.

Offered Online Courses For Grade Advancement

online math classes


Enhance Math skills in ways that go beyond repetitive memorization. Fix skill gaps and learn new skills to
stay ahead.

online english classes


Advance abilities in the areas of Reading, reading, writing, language, vocabulary and spelling. Learn from our expert American teachers.

online coding classes


Coding is a life skill. Incorporate problem solving at young age with our engaging, games & projects-based Coding program.

public speaking at 98thpercentile


Leaders are often excellent Presenters. Our Public Speaking Program focuses on fun and engaging ways to bring this talent out of every child.

Star Kids

Aiza review for 98thpercentile

Aiza (Grade 8)

Aiza joined 98thPercentile in grade 8 in September, 2020. Her sincerity and hard-working attitude facilitated her growth within less than 3 months. She silently observes the concepts taught and clarifies the doubts at earliest. With her regular home-work practice and participative skills, she has proved herself to be one of the stars of 98thPercentile.

online classes review by neha for 98thPercentile


Neha puts forth great efforts in her ELA class. She always completes her homework assignments and especially focuses in on her missing skill gaps. This has inevitably led her to excel with her Language skills. In just a short amount of time, Neha has progressed significantly with her Language skills. She has increased by 2% with her overall grade-level progress. Congratulations Neha!

Online learning platform review by Mishika

Mishika (Grade 1)

Mishika is a very hard working and active student. She builds a deep understanding of every concept and her sincerity towards her homework is commendable. She is innovative and brings resources to the class that helps in collaborative learning. Mishika is an amazing problem solver and even creates her own questions in the class. She has definitely proven herself to be one of the upcoming stars of 98th Percentile.

Online learning platform review by Shrihan


Shrihan loves 98thPercentile and looks forward to every class. He has improved with his math skills tremendously, which is evident in his schoolwork. Teachers are very responsive in providing feedback, which helps him to correct his mistakes and improve.
online tutoring review by Siddharth


Siddharth has come a long way since he began attending ELA classes. His reading and vocabulary have improved quite a bit. He is always excited to do his homework, especially the paired reading stories. Being an avid reader, he loved to get to the end of the story as quickly as possible, sometimes even skipping words in between. Since he joined the ELA classes and started practicing the paired reading exercises, he has learned to slow down and thoroughly comprehend what he reads. Mrs. Jackie is an amazing teacher. Her patience and kindness are highly commendable. Siddharth enjoys being in her class and is always looking forward to it. She is highly knowledgeable and makes the class a fun place to learn while gently pushing the kids to outdo themselves. Overall, we are very happy with the classes and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for online classes.

Our Online Classes Benefits

Accelerated Curriculum

Accelerated Curriculum

Based on Common Core standards, your child will receive instruction through every single concept per subject. Each lesson has been individually crafted by 98th Percentile’s curriculum experts and incorporate proven, acclaimed teaching methodologies with the success of each and every student in mind.



Our students, on average, complete a grade level in our program in 6 months. By seeing their weekly improvement data, students are driven to continue working hard and excelling. We ensure that students achieve not only proficiency, but accomplishment, in every skill and concept before promoting them to the next grade level.

High-Tech Approach to Learning

No Commute

With a device and internet connection, your child is ready to excel in our program. Choose a day and time that fits with your student’s schedule, set them up in an environment conducive to learning and watch their abilities grow. There is no driving required by parents, as home becomes your child’s classroom!

Online learning platform -Differentiated Instruction

Customized Learning

Small class sizes with a maximum of 4 students allows teachers to pay individual attention to each student. Teachers are able to explain each concept in language conducive to your child’s unique learning process, guide each student through exercises accordingly, and constantly address any doubts or questions.

Proactive & Progressive

Proactive & Progressive

We focus on correcting skill gaps that students have as they move through traditional grade levels in school. Through our award-winning method of assessment collection, we are able to identify specific standards that your student needs additional help with from prior grade levels to facilitate the building of a strong foundation and promote advancement.

Value for Money - online schooling platform

Value for Money

Traditional tutoring or supplemental educational programs can be expensive. As our focus is on the educational well-being and development of every student, we provide invaluable instruction, individual academic data collection, thorough assessments and grade level advancement at an exceptionally affordable cost to fit within every budget.

Online education platform for kids

Hassle Free

Classes are designed to be able to be taken by students with zero parental involvement. Even in younger grades, teachers are able to guide students through each lesson without needing a parent to facilitate or assist. This aspect of the program helps to build independence and confidence in our students. Of course, though, we welcome parents to join class if desired!

Test Prep - online teaching platform

Test Prep

Our curriculum is centered around standards that students will learn and be assessed on in their daily, traditional schools. By participating in our classes, students are better prepared for both classroom and national standardized tests they will take throughout their educational career.

Online learning platform - College Readiness

College Readiness

Our ultimate goal is to improve the skills and abilities necessary for success beyond grade school. Developing these reading, writing, math, computer and testing skills facilitates achievement of academic success, fosters the desire to be a life-long learner, and promotes the development of high personal and academic goals.

Parents And Students Love Us!

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Our Experts Have Something To Tell You

Rebecca Hartman | Online Tutor | 98thPercentile

Greetings! It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with the education of our beloved 98thPercentile students.

Throughout my career, I have found that the students who are given the opportunities to accelerate through subject matter and experience coding classes are best prepared for their academic and professional futures.  Here’s why:

Acceleration is critical in order for students to get into top colleges. College applicants who have demonstrated scholarly achievements resulting from acceleration outshine their competitors during the college admissions selection process. These students possess the greatest potential for further academic success in the eyes of college administrators who are looking for students who best represent them, and accelerated students do!

Coding skills become life skills. Coding enables students to develop their logic and rational thinking, gain confidence needed to deal with complexities, tackle ambiguous problems, and persevere until they achieve accurate solutions. Additionally, coding students learn to communicate clearly, collaborate positively with others, and express their creativity and imagination. These are all transferrable skills to daily life!

Acceleration opportunities and coding experiences help prepare our students for both their academic and professional futures. It is awesome to see our 98thPercentile students experience both!

Rebecca Hartman, MA English, BA Behavioral Science


Why 98thPercentile?

Enroll your student in our highly acclaimed program that guarantees to advance his or her grade level in 5 months. With expertly crafted curriculum delivered by highly qualified, engaging teachers and extensive data collection, we are able to teach specifically to each student according to their needs. That, coupled with the ability for the entire program to be taken independently online, your child will benefit immensely from our classes and you will see those benefits translate to the classroom and beyond.

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