Online Public Speaking classes for kids

Say good bye to fear of Public Speaking

Students of all ages often struggle with public speaking. The fear and anxiety associated with speaking or presenting in front of others can make it difficult for students to accurately represent their knowledge and skills. It is increasingly important that individuals in all fields, especially entrepreneurship and business, are strong, confident speakers.

 Our program helps students in grades 3-8 overcome their fear of public speaking and gain the confidence they need to become strong speakers inside the classroom and beyond. If you are looking for public speaking classes, then check out our full curriculum and see how we are preparing our students to confidently take on the challenges of public speaking.

public speaking classes for kids

What our Public Speaking Classes Offer

Comprehensive Exposure

Our public speaking program covers a wide variety of public speaking platforms and experiences. The curriculum is designed to expose our students to both formal and informal speech including classroom presentations, slam poetry, product design pitching, and much more. Using impromptu and prepared speech methods, our students gain confidence in their ability to write, improvise and deliver speeches.

Design and Leadership

In addition to comprehensive speaking experience, our students will develop skills in writing, product design, and leadership. Our curriculum aims to provide students with ample opportunity to practice speaking with weekly speech topics. These topics build leadership and entrepreneurship by challenging students to think critically, design unique products, and inform listeners through appropriate expression of data and ideas. 

Feedback and Engagement

Our instructor and peer assessment format allows students to both offer and receive peer-peer feedback. By offering small class sizes, our students can fully engage with the material and their peers. Students will have the opportunity to build relationships with their classmates through weekly in-class activities, peer critiques, and group work. Our students will become well versed in both offering constructive feedback and using critiques to improve personal performance.

Building Confidence, Breaking Barriers

Think about the last time you were asked to speak in front of an audience, or in the boardroom, or engage with strangers at a mixer. Whatever the situation, public speaking can cause a lot of stress. Nearly 77% of the US population experience some anxiety with public speaking. Students today are tasked with public address across a variety of situations, be it online or in-person and with that comes that same stress and anxiety we feel as adults.

We aim to help our students feel prepared with the skills they need to approach public speaking with confidence. Curriculum of our public speaking classes is designed to give students as many opportunities as possible to shake off their nerves and find their voice across a variety of speech platforms.

  • Our curriculum is wide and modular and it is offered for grades 3-8.
  • Each of the grade levels include multiple modules that are non-progressive, which means a student can join in at any point and continue with the classes until all the modules for that grade level are finished.
  • Each module has in-class lessons and activities as well as prepared speech projects that will be delivered each week. Additionally, students will prepare and record speeches that will be uploaded to a shared site for a monthly student expo.
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At this level, students will begin to practice basic speaking skills. Topics will focus on personal interests and experiences to encourage students to engage fully with the material. We want our students in the 3-4 class to build confidence and have fun with the subject matter.

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In this class, we want our students to gain confidence expressing their ideas and designs. We aim to teach students at the 5-6 level to use data appropriately and how to employ various speaking techniques. We encourage students to confidently express unique proposals, product designs and though-provoking arguments.

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At this level, students will learn appropriate speech formatting and technique. Our students will be challenged to express themselves through entrepreneurial ventures. Students will tackle a variety of prepared and impromptu topics that will allow them to develop skill in both formal and informal settings.


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Student-Centered Approach

Teachers and students both play an active role in the learning process. The teacher facilitates comprehension of the material while constantly and actively measuring student learning. Students are engaged and involved during the entire class session where the teacher gauges their understanding through questions and discussions, and then the student demonstrates their mastery through independent practice.

Online learning platform -Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Our program is designed to meet individual student needs by maintaining small classes, no more than 10 to a class. While the bulk of each session focuses on a specific concept or skill, time is allotted to address individual skill gaps and lessons are provided as necessary. This is to ensure no skill goes unaddressed as your student advances to the next grade level.

High-Tech Approach to Learning

High-Tech Approach to Learning

Technology plays a massive role in our program, as we are 100% online. Through integrating traditional teaching methods by using devices, applications, and the internet, students are able to connect with committed teachers and peers from around the country to engage in material and learn.

Program Structure

Classes Offered For Grades 3-8

Live, Online Classes

75-Minute Class Per Week

Up to 10 Students Per Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of each class?

Each class is 75minutes long and will be held once a week.

How will my child be assessed?

Students will receive both teacher and peer feedback weekly. Grading is based on our own assessment criteria covering content, delivery, and overall performance.

What happens if my child misses a class?

We encourage students to attend as many classes as possible to ensure the highest quality of instruction however, because this is not always possible, we offer recorded lessons for at-home review as well as access to all student resource materials for the missed class. Students are still expected to come to the following class prepared to engage and deliver their speeches.

How are the classes structured?

Each class will consist of a review (5 min), new topic lesson/discussion (20-30 min), in-class activities (10-15 min), student presentations (25-40 min), and speech assignments (5 min)

Is this class based on competitive speaking practice?

No. Our curriculum does include elements of competitive speech and debate but is not structured like a speech competition. Students will receive assessments and use leaderboards to track progress throughout the year but no formal competition will take place.

How many students will be in each class?

Up to 10

Will my child have an opportunity to practice speaking in each class?

Children will deliver a pre-prepared speech each week. The two exceptions are the students first class (they will have a speaking opportunity but are not expected to prepare the formal speech for that week) and impromptu weeks. During impromptu weeks, students will do impromptu activities in lieu of a prepared speech.

Can I sit in on a class?

Yes caregivers, will be invited to classes periodically and are welcome to join if needed but are asked to use their own device if possible.

What kind of curriculum will be used? 

We have developed our own curriculum that covers a variety of formal, practical, theatrical, and academic speaking subjects and assesses students based in-part on The National Forensics Association standards.

Can my child join mid-year?

Yes! Our classes are modular, and students can join at any time.

How long is the program?

The program offers 24 weeks of unique classes. 

How can I view my child’s work?

Students will participate in a monthly student symposium. Symposium speeches will be recorded and accessible to viewers. Additionally, caregivers will be invited to sit in on presentations occasionally.

What resources will my child be provided?

Each week, students will have resources available through their student portal. These include, speech requirements, video resources, lesson materials and any additional information or instruction that may be required.