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Online Public Speaking Classes For Kids | 98thPercentile

Live Public Speaking
Classes for Kids

Say good bye to fear of Public Speaking

Enriched and Diversified Curriculum

Grades 3-8

Can your Grade 4 child speak like this?



of population has
Public Speaking anxiety


of people with social anxiety disorder
have a fear of Public Speaking


of people have some kind of shyness


people feel that the hardest part of
creating a successful presentation
is crafting a compelling a story

Public Speaking

Public Speaking/ Performance

Public Speaking

Speaking Up In Meeting/Class

Public Speaking

Meeting New People

Public Speaking

Talking To People In Authority

Public Speaking

Important Interview

Public Speaking

Expressing Disagreement

Learn to speak on more than 25 different platforms!

Skills your child will develop

Public Speaking

Body Language

Public Speaking


Public Speaking

voice modulation

Public Speaking

facial experessions

Meet Our Teacher

Public Speaking

Mr. Sean Harrigan

Mr. Sean Harrigan graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication along with a Minor in Theatre and has been involved in English instruction since 2013.

Public Speaking

Ms. Judy Alley

Ms. Judy holds Bachelor of Arts and science in Media Arts from University of Arizona. She is a professional news anchor and reporter. She has been a news reporter since 20 years and shares passion for education to foster student educational success.

Watch our students giving live speeches

Sneak Peek into our Public Speaking Classes

How to deliver a Formal Speech
How to use Visual Aids to enhance your speech

Program Structure

Classes Offered For Grades 3-8

Live, Online Classes

75-Minute Class Per Week

Up to 10 Students Per Class


Each class is 75minutes long and will be held once a week.
Students will receive both teacher and peer feedback weekly. Grading is based on our own assessment criteria covering content, delivery, and overall performance.
We encourage students to attend as many classes as possible to ensure the highest quality of instruction however, because this is not always possible, we offer recorded lessons for at-home review as well as access to all student resource materials for the missed class. Students are still expected to come to the following class prepared to engage and deliver their speeches.
Each class will consist of a review (5 min), new topic lesson/discussion (20-30 min), in-class activities (10-15 min), student presentations (25-40 min), and speech assignments (5 min)
No. Our curriculum does include elements of competitive speech and debate but is not structured like a speech competition. Students will receive assessments and use leaderboards to track progress throughout the year but no formal competition will take place.
Upto 10
Children will deliver a pre-prepared speech each week. The two exceptions are the students first class (they will have a speaking opportunity but are not expected to prepare the formal speech for that week) and impromptu weeks. During impromptu weeks, students will do impromptu activities in lieu of a prepared speech.
Yes caregivers, will be invited to classes periodically and are welcome to join if needed but are asked to use their own device if possible.
We have developed our own curriculum that covers a variety of formal, practical, theatrical, and academic speaking subjects and assesses students based in-part on The National Forensics Association standards.
Yes! Our classes are modular, and students can join at any time.
The program offers 24 weeks of unique classes.
Students will participate in a monthly student symposium. Symposium speeches will be recorded and accessible to viewers. Additionally, caregivers will be invited to sit in on presentations occasionally.
Each week, students will have resources available through their student portal. These include, speech requirements, video resources, lesson materials and any additional information or instruction that may be required.
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