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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning-Simplified for Kids

An All-Exclusive E-book to help your child get started
with coding, without actually coding!

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Did you know?

By 2030, approximately 40% of high-paying jobs will require advanced knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Early Access to AI Knowledge Opens Doors to Limitless Career Possibilities!


Children need to learn AI?

The foundation of machine learning started in the 18th and 19th centuries. And today, we can conclude this as the future in almost every aspect of life. Learning about AI and machine learning nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving abilities among children. It empowers children to conceptualize new ideas and applications, fostering a mindset that is open to exploring and implementing novel concepts.

Learning about AI from an early age will help them explore various career paths and make informed decisions about their future. It will open endless opportunities to create a better future and be ready beforehand.

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your child benefit from this E-book?

This E-book will help your child to understand the basic concepts of how Al functions. They will have the opportunity to create a customized platform for their day-to-day use of various tools,eliminating any barriers of awkwardness and hesitation and fostering their interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This E-book will be the stepping stone in the creation of the next generation of Developers.

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A free web-based tool by google that allows training image classification models without coding. Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, & poses.

This DIY E-BOOK will enable your child to:

  1. Artificial Intelligence CodingGet introduced to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  2. Artificial Intelligence CodingPractice Instruction-Based learning
  3. Artificial Intelligence CodingDevelop Logical Thinking & Reasoning skills
  4. Artificial Intelligence CodingDemonstrate Coding skills
  5. Artificial Intelligence CodingInculcate Computational skills
  6. Artificial Intelligence CodingNurture Cognitive skills
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'Do machines have intelligence?'

Perhaps not the same extent as humans, yet when human educates a machine, it gives rise to what is known as Artificial Intelligence.


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flying robot

Join us in introducing the kids of today to become the future developers

Download the E-book now and help your child explore a world of countless opportunities.

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Success Story

Rishi, one of our brilliant students from our coding program, has secured 3rd Rank in the 11-12 YO age category, in the IKCC scratch test, held in September, 2023.

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98thPercentile is an award-winning platform offering accelerated programs

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Simplifying AI and Machine Learning for Kids

Yes, the E-book is designed to introduce children to AI and Machine Learning concepts from scratch, making it suitable for beginners. 

This E-book aims to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills, which are highly sought after in various industries today and will continue to be in the future. 

No, the E-book provides instructions that can be followed using the mentioned link in the e-book itself ensuring accessibility for anyone. 

Absolutely, the E-book is structured to promote critical thinking and problem-solving through various engaging activities and projects. 

Yes, the E-book includes interactive elements and practical exercises to enhance the learning experience and ensure a hands-on approach to understanding AI and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that simulates human intelligence. To help kids understand AI, we use simple and fun examples like teaching a computer to play a game or recognize pictures. Our resources make AI accessible and engaging for young learners.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI that teaches computers to learn from data. Learning about Machine Learning helps kids grasp how technology makes decisions. We break down complex concepts into kid-friendly explanations, sparking their curiosity and preparing them for the future.

Our platform offers a range of AI tools and projects designed specifically for kids. They include interactive games, storytelling, and creative challenges. These tools make AI accessible and exciting, allowing your child to explore and experiment in a safe and supportive environment.

Supervised Machine Learning is a fundamental concept in AI. We use relatable examples like teaching a robot to sort toys or classify animals. Through these simple scenarios, kids can easily understand how machines can learn and make decisions, making it a fun learning experience.

Yes, we provide free eBooks on both AI and Machine Learning that are tailored to kids' comprehension levels. These eBooks are engaging and informative, helping young learners dive into the world of technology at their own pace.

You can easily access our free eBooks by visiting our website and signing up for our E-Book. Once registered, you'll gain immediate access to our library of eBooks, allowing your child to start their AI and Machine Learning journey right away.

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