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Offered Programs for Grade Advancement

online math classes


Enhance Math skills in ways that go beyond repetitive memorization. Fix skill gaps and learn new skills to
stay ahead.

online english classes


Advance abilities in the areas of Reading, reading, writing, language, vocabulary and spelling. Learn from our expert American teachers.

online coding classes


Coding is a life skill. Incorporate problem solving at young age with our engaging, games & projects-based Coding program.

public speaking at 98thpercentile


Leaders are often excellent Presenters. Our Public Speaking Program focuses on fun and engaging ways to bring this talent out of every child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels do you teach?
We cater to students in grades K-8 and teach Algebra I and Geometry. 
How does 98thpercentile work?
When you enroll with us, you are assigned to a batch that has live classes on certain days a week. For example, you can register your student for a Monday and Wednesday batch, Tuesday and Thursday batch, or Saturday and Sunday batch. Classes are taken at the pre-decided time for a duration of 50 minutes on the said days of the week. After each class, homework is assigned to students and apart from that, there are weekly and monthly assessments that are assigned. All of the student progress is stored and is accessible to you on our student portal.
How many hours of tutoring are recommended per month?

Students generally need to practice a lot to master a concept. Tutoring is essential to see if students are progressing correctly in their skills or making mistakes. If students are making mistakes, there needs to be tutoring sessions for as long as it takes to clarify the concept. 98thPercentile offers the perfect balance by teaching them a concept and clarifying doubts and then letting students practice for themselves.

Do you hire teachers from overseas?
We have a mixture of talent from within the US and outside the US. We don’t mind about the geographical location of our teachers but we make sure that they meet our quality requirements.
Do I get the same teacher that gave the trial lesson?

Most likely, yes. But you can be assured that every teacher enrolled with us has the same quality of teaching, doubt clarification and engagement levels as all the other teachers with us.

What if my child does not perform well at the school?

Our teachers can detect the learning pace of students and customize lesson plan to suit their learning speed. In addition to that, our teachers also analyze and fulfill skill gaps, so students are more confident in solving problems.

What are the requirements for a child to get enrolled with 98thpercentile?

Your child needs to have a computer or tablet with good internet connectivity, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a quiet place to sit and attend classes.

How is 98thpercentile better than other available platforms?

98thPercentile offers live classes to teach concepts. This helps students learn concepts and avoid confusion when solving problems. Then, we assign practice problems and assessments to closely monitor individual student progress, and if we find any skill gaps, we proactively fulfill them. This separates us from our competitors.

The classes are already in progress. How does my child catch-up to the topics of instruction currently going on in a batch?

When a weekly or monthly assessment is taken, our teachers analyze the progress reports to see if the student is lagging behind on any concepts. Depending on the progress report, our teachers customize lesson plans and include additional worksheets and guidance to make sure the skill gaps are addressed.

What happens if my child does not like the teacher?
If you don’t like a teacher, you can request for a batch change. You will be assigned a new teacher but the timings and the fellow students might change.
Is it possible that a teacher misses the class?

Although rare, a teacher can miss a class for various reasons. We will attempt to have a backup teacher take that class. If not possible, we extend the subscription date for the number of missed classes.

How much does it cost?
Please check our pricing page for our customized plans, for 12 weeks and 24 weeks billing cycle.
What if my child does not understand the topic?
Our teachers constantly check to ensure that all students understand topics that are taught to them. And if gaps in understanding remain, they are detected in our weekly and monthly assessments and our teachers take actions in the form of extra guidance and practice to fulfill the skill gaps.
Is there any age-limit for my child to get enrolled?

No. We accept students based on their placement test scores. If a student is young for the grade but has the caliber to understand the topics being taught, he/she might be admitted into the classes.