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Is your child a

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Math πrate

Practice Test to Excel in your School Math Test!

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Grades 1 - 8 small White line March 30 & 31, 2024 small White line No Registration Fees
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Math Quiz

Is your child scared of Math?

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Are you worried about your child’s upcoming Math Test?

Practice Math Test

Thinking of how to build their interest in Math? Worry not.

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Who is a

Math πrate?

Math πrate is a champ who:

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Aces all Math Assessments
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Has excellent Critical Thinking Skills
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Loves finding the value of “X”
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Want to know more?

98thPercentile presents Math πrates Practice Test - an exciting, live, online Math competition for students of Grade 1-8. Math πrates intends to prepare your child for Final Math Assessment with this practice Math session which help them fall in love with Math! It aims to blend learning with fun through an interactive Math experience.

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Math πrates
Test Schedule
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1 & 2
Mar 30, 2024
3 & 4
Mar 31, 2024
5 & 6
Mar 30, 2024
7 & 8
Mar 31, 2024
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Glimpse into the

Math πrates
Practice Test

Mathdoku, Math in Nature, Common Core Math
Take the Math πrates practice test which comprises of brainteasing sections like Mathdoku, interesting sections like Math in Nature, and finally the Common Core Math Relay Race that will help the child excel in Math assessment in school. Math πrates will be in the form of MCQ questions.

Help your child enjoy Math…

Registration has been closed


“Stand a Chance to Win Amazing Awards and Up to 100% Scholarship!!!”

Prizes Include Amazon Gift cards

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and scholarships to 98thPercentile programs.

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Math πrates will help you to be buddies with Math!

The scholarships being offered are scholarships to 98thPercentile Online Live Classes. The scholarship can be availed (Only Once)for a 12-week subscription period to any ONE of our classes from Math, English, Coding and Public Speaking.

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Math πrates

Practice Test

(Important Points to Remember)

  1. The Math πrates Practice Test is designed for the students of Grade 1-8. Grade levels for participation are determined by current School Grade.
  2. Students and parents are expected to provide correct school details during the time of registration so that they can be placed in age-appropriate groups.
  3. This contest is meant only for students from Grades 1 to 8 residing in the United States.
  4. Math πrates Practice Test is a virtual contest that will take place entirely online on Kahoot & Zoom Platform.
  5. All entries for Math πrates Practice Test will end on March 28, 2024.
  6. The Math πrates Practice Test will be held in 4 categories on the following dates:
    1. Grades 1 & 2: Mar 30, 2024 (12:00 PM Central Time)
    2. Grades 3 & 4: Mar 31, 2024 (12:00 PM Central Time)
    3. Grades 5 & 6: Mar 30, 2024 (10:00 AM Central Time)
    4. Grades 7 & 8: Mar 31, 2024 (10:00 AM Central Time)
  7. Winners will be announced on the day of the contest.
  8. This is a Kahoot challenge, so students will earn points based on speed and accuracy for every question.
  9. All the contestants will be awarded participation certificates.
  10. Awards & Scholarships for the Math πrates Practice Test:
    1. 1st Place Winner will be awarded a $50 Amazon Gift Coupon + Winner Certificate + 100% Scholarship to a 12-week subscription to any one of our programs.
    2. 2nd Place Winners will get a $35 Amazon Gift Coupon + Winner Certificate + 80% Scholarship to a 12-week subscription to any one of our programs.
    3. 3rd Place Winners will get a $25 Amazon Gift Coupon + Winner Certificate + 50% Scholarship to a 12-week subscription to any one of our programs.
  11. Kindly note the following points related to Awards & Scholarships:
    1. The awards & scholarships must be availed within a maximum of 15 days of the test.
    2. The scholarships are applicable for new subscriptions only and not for any renewals.
    3. If a student has already won more than or equal to 2 Awards & Scholarships in the last 2 years, they are not eligible for awards & scholarships even if they win the contest.
  12. This is a FREE ONLINE TEST.
  13. Students must confirm their identity upon winning. In case students are not able to confirm their identity, they will not be eligible for the awards & scholarships.
  14. Following the competition, winners will be interviewed by our PR team, and we admit the rights to publish the interviews across various channels associated with us.
  15. Students will receive unique IDs on SMS and email as soon as students register for the contest. The mail/SMS must be kept with care, as it will be used as a user ID for the contest.
  16. In case you do not see any communication post-registration, please check your email spam folders.
  17. Participants are requested to subscribe to our mailing list to ensure they do not miss any preparatory material for Math πrates Practice Test.
  18. In case you have registered for more than one child, you will receive separate unique IDs for each of them.
  19. This is a private contest, and we possess every right to disenroll an entry if our team finds it inappropriate.
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