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98thPercentile’s Free Webinar On

Learn the working of

Chat GPT

Building AI-Based Chatbot for Kids

For Students in Grades 5 to 8

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About The Webinar

Attention Parents and Students!

We are thrilled to present a unique opportunity for your children to delve into the fascinating world of coding and artificial intelligence! Introducing our highly anticipated coding webinar, “Learn the working of ChatGPT: Building AI-based Chatbot for Kids”

In this webinar, our exceptional master teacher will guide your children through the exciting process of creating their very own chatbot. By the end of the webinar, they will have gained a solid understanding of both the inner workings of ChatGPT and the fundamentals of AI technology.

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Uses Of ChatGPT

language translation
creative writing and storytelling
language learning
content generation

Did you know?

According to a report by McKinsey, AI-related skills are predicted to be in high demand in the job market.

By 2030, AI is estimated to have the potential to create an additional global economic output of around $13 trillion.

A survey conducted by Gallup found that 90% of parents believe it's important for their child to learn computer science skills.

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What Will Your Child Learn By
Attending This Webinar?

understanding of AI

By the end of the event, children will have acquired a comprehensive skill set, a deeper understanding of AI, and the confidence to embark on their own coding projects and continue their journey in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Roadmap of becoming
an AI master

Roadmap of becoming an AI master

learning to code roadmap

98thPercentile's Students Shine Bright

at International Kids Coding Competition 2023
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Details Of The Webinar:

  • This webinar is meant for students of grades 5 to 8 residing in the US.
  • Students and parents are expected to provide the correct age, grade, and school details during the time of registration.
  • "Learn the working of ChatGPT: Building AI-Based Chatbot for Kids" is a Free Online Webinar.
  • In case you do not see any communication post-registration, please check your email spam folders.
  • Participants are requested to subscribe to our mailing list to ensure they do not miss any important communication from 98thPercentile.
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Frequently Asked Questions

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It is based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture and is designed for generating human-like text responses in conversational settings.  

OpenAI offers both free and paid versions of the GPT-3 model, which includes the underlying technology behind ChatGPT. However, the availability and access to the free or paid versions may vary based on OpenAI's policies and any specific restrictions or limitations they may have in place.

No, ChatGPT will not replace programming. While ChatGPT is capable of generating text and understanding natural language, it is primarily a language model designed for conversation and generating responses based on existing patterns in the data it has been trained on.

No, ChatGPT will not replace Google. While ChatGPT is a powerful language model capable of generating human-like text responses, it is just one component of a larger system. Google, on the other hand, is a vast and multifaceted technology company that offers a wide range of services including search, email, cloud storage, maps, advertising, and much more.

Participate And Enjoy!

We welcome your child’s participation and ensure that they will have a wonderful, challenging learning experience!
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