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Our Coding Ninjas Strike Again In
International Kids Coding Competition 2023


What is IKCC?

IKCC is a Scratch coding competition. Kids from all around the world participate in the competition by submitting projects they create in Scratch. The IKCC hosts competitions throughout the year on different topics.
The test is taken by thousands of students every year worldwide, making it one of the biggest coding competitions ever. Standing out amid so many competitors is extremely challenging, but our students have secured not one or two but 9 national ranks this year.
Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science.
— Maria Klawe

Watch the Projects of our Students, which made them Win..

Here is what Musie's (one of the winners) mom has to say about it.

When Musie created his own game, he kept asking. Me to play his game. When | asked him how he made the game and how to play it he explained it perfectly. As | was playing his game | felt joy and | was proud of him and his teacher Fatma. So far he accomplished a lot in a short period of time. | appreciate this program and the great teacher he has.


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The IKCC competition is an international coding competition for kids that is held annually. It aims to promote coding and problem-solving skills among children and young adults.

Coding for kids is a program that teaches children the basics of computer programming, including coding languages such as Python, Scratch, and Java.

A coding challenge is a timed exercise in which participants are asked to solve a coding problem using a specific programming language or set of instructions.

A coding competition is a contest in which participants are asked to solve a set of coding challenges or problems using their coding skills.

A coding contest is a competition in which participants are asked to create a coding project or application within a specific time frame.

A coding Olympiad is a coding competition that is held at the national or international level and usually involves teams of participants competing against each other.

No. The scholarships are applicable for new subscriptions only and not for any renewals.

Participating in a coding competition can help improve your coding skills, provide networking opportunities, and may lead to job or internship opportunities in the tech industry.

Yes, there are many coding competitions for kids, including the IKCC competition and the USACO competition.

To prepare for a coding competition, you can practice coding challenges, study coding languages and algorithms, and participate in online coding forums and communities.