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Live Public Speaking Classes for Kids

Say Goodbye To Fear Of Public Speaking!

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Enriched and Diversified Curriculum | Grades 3 to 8
Math Program
Public Speaking/Performance – 21.2% Speaking Up In Meeting/Class – 19.5% Meeting New People – 16.8% Talking To People In Authority – 14.7% Expressing Disagreement – 12.4% Important Interview – 14%

Learn to speak on more than

25 Different Platforms!

Youtube Platform
TikTok Platform
Tedx Platform
Podcast Platform
Presentation Platform
Storytelling Platform
Fundraising Platform
Interview Platform
Product Advertising Platform
Data Platform
Poetry Platform
Comedy Platform

What all skills your child will develop?

Body Language
Body Language
Eye Contact
Eye Contact
Facial Expressions
Facial Expressions
Voice Modulation
Voice Modulation

Meet our Expert Teachers

Mr. Sean Harrigan
Mr. Sean Harrigan
Mr. Sean Harrigan graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication along with a Minor in Theatre and has been involved in English instruction since 2013.
Ms. Judy Alley
Ms. Judy Alley
Ms. Judy holds Bachelor of Arts and science in Media Arts from University of Arizona. She is a professional news anchor and reporter. She has been a news reporter since 20 years and shares passion for education to foster student educational success.

Watch our students giving

Live Speeches

Fundraising – Convince People To Donate Money
Logo Designing – A Logo That Describes Yourself
Poetry – Write And Deliver An Acrostic Poem
Youtube – Unboxing, Game Tutorial, Movie Review
Product Advertising – Create Commercial & Pitch It

Sneak Peek into our

Public Speaking Classes

How To Deliver A Formal Speech
How To Use Visual Aids To Enhance Your Speech

Program Structure

6 month program
6 month program
2 classes per week
2 classes per week
50 minutes class
50 minutes class
Up to 4 students per
Up to 4 students per class


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