Coding Classes For Kids of Grades 5&6

Online Coding Classes For Kids of Grades 5 and 6

Our Live, Online Classes go through a series of modules covering wide range of topics from Block based programming to Websites, Animations and more. Students will work on Real world programming languages like Python as well from this level onwards.

Please check out our full curriculum to see the full list of activities and projects.

Coding Classes For Kids of Grades 5&6 | 98thPercentile

Technology Entrepreneurship

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Serious Block programming - Build your own Super Mario

Super Mario project is based on the famous Super Mario Bros game from 1980s. The ‘Mario’ sprite has to dodge the enemies and collect gifts and coins on its way to castle. It is a large and interactive project where students build multiple pieces of the games – various sprites like owl, duck, gifts, pipes, scene, etc., and put all of them together.

Students use various coding concepts like conditional statements, loops, variables, events, broadcast etc. to build this complex game which enhances their logical, analytical and imaginative skills.

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Entrepreneurship Step 1 - Build a Website

The “Online Store” is an online electronics accessories project where students have to create a website to add features and products.


Students use various kinds of concepts of website designing like header, footer, colors, HD background and HD product images to create a nice and attractive website.

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Real-World Programming with Python

The “Caesar Cipher” project in Python helps students in understanding the concept of encryption/decryption.  During World War I and II, cryptography techniques were used to successfully send secret messages.

Caesar Cipher shifts the alphabets by steps value to convert “Plain Text” to “Secret Text”.
For example, in the image above:

Plain Text : Harry Potter
Step Value : 1
Secret Text: Ibssz Qpuufs

Students learn various, interesting topics of Python like Strings, Conditional Statement, Lists, For Loops and Functions in order to create the Caesar Cipher Python Program.

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Rock Social Media with Animations

Coming Soon!!


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Student-Centered Approach

Teachers and students both play an active role in the learning process. The teacher facilitates comprehension of the material while constantly and actively measuring student learning. Students are engaged and involved during the entire class session where the teacher gauges their understanding through questions and discussions, and then the student demonstrates their mastery through independent practice.

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Differentiated Instruction

Our program is designed to meet individual student needs successfully by maintaining small classes, no more than 4 to a class. While the bulk of each class session focuses on a specific concept or skill, time is allotted to address individual skill gaps and lessons are provided as necessary. This is to ensure no skill goes unaddressed as your student advances to the next grade level.

High-Tech Approach to Learning

High-Tech Approach to Learning

Technology plays a massive role in our program, as we are 100% online. Through integrating traditional teaching methods by using devices, applications, and the internet, students are able to connect with committed teachers and peers from around the country to engage in material and learn. Our Parent & Student Portals help you keep up to date on Class schedules and the progress of the child with any independent practice etc.