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Online English Classes For Kids

Looking for Live Online English Classes?
Immerse your child in an enriching english class to boost their performance in school.
Achieving academic success has never been more convenient or feasible!

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With the demands of regular school curriculum, hectic schedules, and the hustle and bustle of family life, it can be difficult to find flexibility in a supplemental educational program that allows your student to flourish. Through offering classes at convenient times for busy families (after-school and evenings), your child can get the instruction they need to increase their English Language Arts skills and confidence. At 98th Percentile, we strive to instill the important concepts and skills required for command of the English Language Arts standards. We closely monitor each student’s learning progress and customize lessons specific to their unique needs. 98th Percentile provides the thoroughness of an all-inclusive English program from the comfort of your home.

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Meet Our Teachers

What Our English Program Offers

Personalized Attention

Small class sizes with a maximum of 4 students allow teachers to pay individual attention to each student, demonstrate English concepts in language your child will understand, guide students through exercises, and clarify all questions

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum centers around national Common Core standards, and your child will receive instruction through every single topic. Every one of our lessons have been individually crafted through 98th Percentile’s curriculum team incorporating a variety of well-respected teaching methodologies. Our curriculum has been developed with the success of each student in mind.

Data-Driven Results

Our students, on average, complete a grade level in our program in 6 months. We ensure that students achieve not only proficiency, but accomplishment, in every English skill and concept before advancing them to the next grade level.

About The Program

English Language Arts is arguably one of the most important subjects for a student to master. As English classes focus on critical reading, writing, and communicating, the student will develop a strong foundation to promote academic success across all subjects, as well as instilling these vital literacy skills required to become successful, future members of society. The English program at 98th Percentile is a unique blend of online learning experiences and traditional live classroom teaching. The format allows students to engage with their teacher and fellow students from virtually anywhere – all that is required is a device with internet access. The pedagogical methods that support the curriculum are research-backed and proven to be successful. Our comprehensive program stands unique among other available platforms. Our English program is customized to teach your child’s entire grade level in 6 months. The program is aligned with common core standards, and requires one 50-minute session per week, followed by 20-30 minutes of additional independent practice per day.


Student-Centered Approach

Teachers and students both play an active role in the learning process. The teacher facilitates comprehension of the material while constantly and actively measuring student learning. Students are engaged and involved during the entire class session where the teacher gauges their understanding through questions and discussions, and then the student demonstrates their mastery through independent practice.

Differentiated Instruction

Our program is designed to meet individual student needs by maintaining small classes, no more than 4 to a class. While the bulk of each session focuses on a specific concept or skill, time is allotted to address individual skill gaps and lessons are provided as necessary. This is to ensure no skill goes unaddressed as your student advances to the next grade level.

High-Tech Approach to Learning

Technology plays a massive role in our program, as we are 100% online. Through integrating traditional teaching methods by using devices, applications, and the internet, students are able to connect with committed teachers and peers from around the country to engage in material and learn.


Individualized Schedule

Choose a day and time that fits with your family’s schedule for your child to engage in a 50-minute class to focus and learn. By students taking class in their own environment, the distractions and obstacles to learning that may be present in traditional extra-curricular or after school academic programs are absent. This provides students a strong foundation to grow in their education.

Increase Proficiencies

As our teachers focus more attention on your child, they tailor lessons that will fill in any gaps from previous school years and ensure that they are on-track to complete their grade level on time. This also translates to success in their traditional classrooms, as they can apply the skills they learn at 98th Percentile to their everyday schooling.

Fun, Engaging Content

Students learn best when they are engaged. Our lessons include real-life examples to teach concepts that can readily be applied to their everyday lives. Plus, the way our classes are structured provide students with the opportunity to engage in discussion with their peers from around the country to deepen their understanding while improving their communication skills.

Committed Teachers

Our teachers reside in both America (English classes) and India (English & Coding classes), have teaching valid credentials and classroom experience. They implement effective teaching strategies, care about the growth and progress of their students, and are devoted professionals who strive to keep students constantly engaged and in learning mode.

Program Structure

Classes Offered For Grades K-8

Live, Online Classes

100-Minutes Class Per Week

Up to 4 Students Per Class


We address all aspects of English Language Arts: reading fluency and comprehension, grammar, writing, vocabulary and spelling.
Our teachers use a variety of methods including direct instruction, interactive reading, questioning, discussion, collaborative learning.
In a typical class, students will practice vocabulary or spelling words for the week. Then, the teacher will teach the specific concept for the day, followed by group practice and finally individual practice in applying that skill. Writing classes follow a unique structure.
Students will practice writing across several genres, from a single paragraph to a multi-paragraph essay, the teacher guides them through each and every step of the writing process.
Students will typically have vocabulary or spelling words to study plus online assignments and assessments to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts.
We take an individual approach to teaching. Each student is unique, and that is our driving force to deliver lessons that are specific to what they need.
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