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Live Online Math Classes for Kids

Join the award-winning online Math program for students in grades K to 12 that can take your child a grade ahead, guaranteed. Join us and discover the limitless possibilities of this fascinating subject.
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Guaranteed Grade Acceleration with our Math Program!

Ace Math with 98thPercentile
Our vision is to prepare children to handle Math as a skill and not as a subject!

Your child’s journey In our Math Program

Entry Placement Test
Grade Appropriate Learning
Catch-up Classes
Skill-Gap Fixing
Monthly Benchmark Test
Promotion at 90% or above

Our Math Program Structure

2 classes per week
2 classes per week
50 minutes class
For grades K to 12
Up to 4 students per class
Up to 4 students per class
Flexible Class options
50 minutes class
Our online math course is aligned with common core standards, and requires two 50-minutes sessions per week, followed by 20-30 minutes of additional independent practice per day as homework to achieve your math goals.

Master Critical Thinking& Logical Reasoning

The first 5 minutes of our Math lessons are dedicated to Critical-Thinking Math-questions answers, which help in aptitude building & logical reasoning! These questions are taken from previous years' math exam papers of Standardized Tests of USA, like STAAR, Math Kangaroo etc., which indirectly facilitates  math test prep.

We own our students’ progress.We work hard, so YOU don’t have to

Multi Award winning Practice platform
Multi award-winning platform
1:1 progress meeting with teachers
1:1 Parent-teacher meetings
Free catchup classes
Free catch-up classes (if needed)
All classes are recorded for future reference
Recordings of live classes

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We are following Common Core State Standards; which is followed by 90% of the schools in The United States.

Yes. Students are always encouraged to give a Placement Test, as it gives their teacher a clear idea of where the student stands in his/her academic journey; on the basis of which they are assigned remediation lessons.

Math class is of 50 minutes which is further furcated as – 5 minutes of Critical Thinking problem + 20-25 minutes of teaching of new topic + 10 minutes class practice + 10 minutes Skill gap fixing/Homework checking.

Yes. Students are provided with pre-recorded videos for every lesson.

Yes. First 5 minutes of every class are dedicated to discuss a critical thinking question (related to that class’ lesson) and once the curriculum and revision is complete, we do questions of Math Kangaroo, STAAR etc. in classes.

The online platform that we’re using allows parents to monitor child’s performance. We also have a feature that allows parents to connect with the teacher personally to discuss child’s progress.

Students are provided with pre-recorded videos for every lesson and moreover recording of the missed class can be sent as well.