Minimum bar for Ivy Leagues is perfect SAT scores. Are you giving your child the advantage of early preparation?

Start from Grade 6, practice every year and get that perfect 1600 score. 98thPercentile helps your child start early. 


Are you aware that your child can take the SAT Test from as early as 6th Grade? And did you know that 2 out of 3 students who re-take the SAT see a rise in their score? Also, scores of 8th Graders and above only are stored in SAT database? 

There is a way to experience SAT without the poor practice scores getting stored in College Board database.

Why Choose Us?

Start Early To Get Ahead

Students who start early get more attempts and chances to perfect their scores. There were no programs to help young kids get better until now. We offer your child the opportunity to start early, learn from his/her mistakes, get comfortable with the test and get the perfect score.

Every Child Is A Star For Us

We have small batches of up to 4 students per batch so we can give all of them our attention. This means that if your child needs help with a topic, our teachers can identify and help out instantly. We don’t normalize education to the class, we make sure every student progresses.

Comfort Of Your Home

Kids get tired of traveling to different places for learning. It stresses them out and their learning capacity decreases. Our program is online so they can stay at home and learn more each day. As parents, you can leave their education to us and take that much needed break after a long day of work.

What is SAT?

SAT is a standardized test that measures Mathematical, Reading, and Writing skills of students to enter College. The test intends to aid undergrad schools to check the potential of the students for advanced study. Most of the Universities in the US, while inviting applications from prospective students, ask for the SAT scores. The test is one of the major factors taken into consideration in the process of an applicant getting admitted into a graduate school.

Taking the SAT is a requirement for most 4-year colleges in the United States. SAT can be taken by students as early as 6th grade. And the good news is that scores of students below 8th grade are not stored in the SAT database. This means that your 6th grader can comfortably take the SAT and get experience without any negative impacts. Considering how competitive admissions are year after year, you can really boost your child’s application with a strong SAT score.

The Launch of 98thPercentile SAT Preparation Program

98thPercentile is excited to announce the launch of SAT Prep program for standardized college entrance exams. This program is geared for grades 6th to 11th. In our SAT program, we’ve developed a comprehensive, content-based program to help our students develop the skills necessary to succeed in the high-stakes world of college admissions. During the course, your child will work in a small online class setting with an expert instructor to practice and master the curriculum. Our SAT Math program is live now and we will be releasing the SAT English in the coming weeks.


formal instruction

Formal Instructions

Live, Online, Group (up to 4 students) classes, which permits interaction and personalized attention

teacher-guided practice

Teacher-Guided Practice

The teacher guides the students to practice a topic and students practice alongside the instructor

self-guided practice

Self-Guided Practice

Students practice independently and can ask questions promptly and receive feedback from the teacher



Regular cumulative assessment and lesson reviews help students implement and recall knowledge gained during the classes


after school enrichment

Get Ahead

Because students start as early as grade 6, they have a lot of time to progressively learn all the topics and practice more to avoid mistakes. This helps them get way better scores than their peers.

low teacher to student ratio

Boost Confidence

Students are solving more complex problems in SAT class. This makes their at-school math curriculum a piece of cake. The result is that students are no longer scared to solve any math problem.

common core curriculum

Perfect Scores

After repeating the SAT course from Grade 6 every year, that they are learning all the finer details of a subject. And repeated practice also means they no longer make mistakes. All this means perfect scores.

Personalized Learning

Since our batches have only up to 4 students, we can pay more attention to their learning speed and make sure they are caught up with the lessons. This makes sure that everyone in the batch succeeds.

How 98thPercentile’ SAT Program Helps You Get A High Score

  • In-depth coverage of all SAT Math concepts.
  • Exhaustive and comprehensive SAT study material.
  • Numerous full-length SAT practice tests designed to enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Full blown SAT mock test to monitor and predict your final scores.
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and SAT exam date.
  • Student to Teacher ratio 4:1.

Our SAT Program Offerings


  • 42 hours of instruction from our SAT trainers
  • Small classrooms of 4 students per teacher
  • 100+ modules of practice sessions

Study Material

  • 900+ SAT practice questions in the form of weekly/monthly tests
  • 42 topic based quizzes and 8 full length monthly tests
  • Personalized end-to-end guidance by our SAT instructors

Student Portal

  • Free access to our comprehensive score reporting and learning curve analysis
  • Free counselling sessions to guide you through registration process


The SAT is an exam administered by The College Board to test college and career readiness. It is primarily used for the purpose of gaining admission to college. The SAT is widely considered to be the single most important test you take in high school.

There are three ways to sign up for the SAT:

  • Online
  • By Phone
  • By Mail

The SAT costs $46.00 or $60 (with essay) + a $29 late fee if you register after the registration deadline.

The scores are usually out 4-6 weeks after the test. You may also look up your scores online through the College Board website 2 weeks after the test.

SAT can be taken by students as low as 6th grade. Because the SAT is the most important test for college admissions, it is always best to start preparing as early as possible. This allows more preparation time to achieve score goals.

The SAT Math Test is divided into four content areas: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional Topics in Math.

Our progress bar lets you see exactly how many lessons you’ve finished and your progress in mastering each lesson.

The SAT Math Test is divided into four content areas: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional Topics in Math.

Our progress bar lets you see exactly how many lessons you’ve finished and your progress in mastering each lesson. You’ll never be in the dark again about how you’re doing!