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Are you 98thPercentile


School Math & Reasoning Test

For Grade 1 to 6
On December 18-19, 2021

math olympiad 2021

98thPercentile’s SMART does exactly what it says. It helps you know
If Your Child Is 98thPercentile SMART or Not?
If Your Child Is Gifted Programs Exam Ready or Not?

The growing importance of Gifted and Talented programs is taking many young parents in the United States by a storm. Every parent wants their child to be the next Sheldon Cooper. These programs are very challenging and often require a thorough screening process in the form of tough entrance exams. What’s worse, due to limited seats, the exams are becoming more competitive year after year. Fret not! Here’s where 98thPercentile’s SMART comes to rescue.

Benefits of Being 98thPercentile SMART

SMART, or School Math and Reasoning Test, is an Olympiad event that assesses students in mathematical reasoning and data interpretation. SMART’s aim is to develop students academically while also encouraging pride for outstanding intellectual performance!

Test Preparation

SMART’s platform prepares students for more than 20 national standard exams, including TEA, STAR and ITBS.

Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

SMART requires students to solve problems using variables and different operations, which is a critical skill of everyday life.

Competitive Spirit

Students develop confidence by competing with their peers as they answer questions accurately and quickly.

Individual Recognition

The top 3 winners are featured in a digital press release including an interview and blog post about their experience.

SMART Test Scoring & Categories

The competition will consist of questions from 3-4 categories, depending on grade level. 98thPercentile SMART Grades 1 & 2 contenders will be asked about verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and quantitative aptitude. In addition to those areas, contenders in grades 3-4 and 5- will be asked about data interpretation.

Listed below are the specific concepts within each category that will be tested.

Grade 1-2

are represented by a blue checkmark

Grade 3-4

are represented by a red checkmark

Grade 5-6

are represented by a yellow checkmark

Verbal Reasoning







Non Verbal Reasoning

Picture Analogy

Spotting Embedded Figures

Number Analogy

Completion of Incomplete Patterns

Grouping of Identical Figures

Paper Folding

Figure Matrix

Quantitative Aptitude

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Number and Operation in Base 10

Measurement and Data

Time & Clocks

Capacity, Volume


Problems of Ages

Data Interpretation

Picture Graphs

Bar Graphs

Line Plot using Fractions


SMART math olympiad Contest Kids

What Will Your Child Get From Being 98thPercentile SMART?

By competing in the SMART challenge, your child will experience many benefits.


Gain access to valuable booklets with tips and tricks for success created by our team of experts, as well as access to video samples of various competition questions.


Admission to Kahoot session with practice questions that test math and reasoning skills.


The SMART platform helps identify each child’s unique areas of improvement so they can flourish.


Gift cards, scholarships, free trial classes, and media coverage!

Above all, SMART promises to give its contenders a fun gamified experience of academic competition which otherwise is an anxiety magnet.


Levels Dates Time/Zone
GRADES 1&2 December 18, 2021 11:00 AM CST
GRADES 3&4 December 19, 2021 12:30 PM CST
GRADES 5&6 December 19, 2021 11:00 AM CST

What Will Your Child Get from Being 98th Percentile SMART?

Finding the solution to a problem is the second step, but realizing it exists is the first. SMART will help parents understand the level of their child’s cognitive ability skills. The event acts as a practice session for future accelerated and gifted program entrance exams. While those tests may be in the future, 98thPercentile is proud to currently help many gifted students achieve their future goals every day. One way we enrich students’ lives is with MATH KANGAROO CLASSES.

Our Success Story:

Meet Tanoj, our Smart & Shining Star student, who has filled us with immense pride after his excellent performance in MATH KANGAROO Test 2021. He scored a highly impressive 91/96 on his test, which secured him 4th Rank at National Level and 2nd Rank at State Level. Congratulations Tanoj!

Our Math classes are designed specifically to nurture cognitive and creative thinking skills in young minds and help them unleash their true potential.

math kangaroo winner kid


Take a FREE PLACEMENT TEST to identify if your child is having any skill gaps in their current grade level.


Take a FREE TRIAL CLASS to experience e-Learning environment and witness how we fix each child’s unique skill gaps.

Competition Details

  1. SMART Challenge will be held for 3 categories: grades 1 & 2, grades 3 & 4, and grades 5 & 6. Grade levels for the competition are determined by current school grades.
  2. Students and parents must provide genuine school details.
  3. Category-appropriate questions will be asked.
  4. This contest is meant only for US citizens.
  5. Contest date is December 18 and 19, 2021. All entries for the contest will end by December 16, 2021.
  6. This is a Kahoot challenge, so students will earn points based on speed and accuracy for every question.
  7. The competition will have 30 questions for all 3-grade categories.
  8. This competition has only one level, and no follow-up events will occur for this event, though similar challenges in various categories and subjects will be held monthly.
  9. Awards and scholarships:
    • 1st place winners: 12-weeks subscription to any of our programs (worth over $300) and $50 Amazon gift card
    • 2nd place winners: 80% scholarship subscription for 12 weeks to any of our programs and $20 Amazon gift card
    • 3rd place winners: 50% scholarship subscription for 12 weeks to any of our programs and $10 Amazon gift card
    • Featured blog interviews and digital press release about the 3 winners per category
    • Participation certificates for all contestants
  10. There is NO ENTRY FEE to this competition

Participate and Enjoy!

We welcome your child’s participation and ensure that they will have a wonderful, challenging learning experience!

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