Engaging English Activities for Kids: Free Trial Offer!

Your child can learn even more about these with our free 1 to 2-week trial of online English courses for kids!

creative English activities

Don’t you agree that your child learns best through engaging and creative english activities?

98thPercentile does! We offer engaging and fun learning with our free online English classes that we are sure your child will enjoy. And here we offer other engaging and creative English activities your child can enjoy at home, too!

  1. Your child can write creative paragraphs at home with 5 grade-level vocabulary words. Unleash the power of your child’s imagination by having him or her write or type about characters from far away places in the past present or future all while using his or her 5 assigned vocabulary words in the story! Encourage your child to include dialogue between characters to really bring the story to life. Then have him enthusiastically tell his story before your family audience—maybe even in costume. Many students in 98thPercentile’s English classes have engaged in this creative writing activity, all while furthering their understanding of vocabulary words. Our free online English classes can give your child this interesting experience, too.
  2. Your child can also develop critical thinking skills by explaining his or her thought process that led to his or her answer selections in multiple-choice lessons. It’s one thing to select an answer based on a guess. It is quite another to rationalize the selection and convince you as the listener that it is the correct choice. Rationalizing engages thought at a higher level and promotes attention to learning. Students participating in our free online English classes will get opportunities to practice their critical thinking skills in this effective way.
  3. Provide rewards for hard work. Everyone old and new now that rewards incentivize us to keep on mastering skills. Create a visual aid for keeping an account of your child’s high scores to proudly share with him or her periodically. This is just another great part of 98thPercentile’s free online English class program!
  4. Have your child work toward mastery, and not just trial, on assignments. Taking “one shot” at a concept and accepting a poor score doesn’t lead to success. Have your child go back and revisit problems he or she struggled with and ensure mastery. Give a high five for the win! This will inspire your child to tackle difficult problems in the future. Students routinely practice (and celebrate!) mastery in our English classes, as well.
  5. Provide many opportunities for your child to read aloud. Reading aloud engages the brain and multiple facets of language development in ways that reading silently does not. Sharing aloud funny poetry, favorite stories, or even road signs further develops your child’s English literacy. Teachers at,c know that, as well, and can provide your child with opportunities to read aloud in our free online English classes.


As a parent, you are well aware of the critical importance of a quality English Language Arts education for your child. 98thPercentile is here to help your child succeed! We deliver quality instruction for all six facets of English Language Arts education through our accelerated learning content-mastery program. If you are interested in partnering with us for your child’s English Language Arts educational needs.

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