5 Ways How Coding Helps Children Develop Logical Thinking

SummaryCritical thinking can be encouraged in children as a must-have skill. Encouraging kids to learn how to program and enrolling them in classes that teach them how to make a game without code or starting steps to create a game or learn to code basics will give them a sense of accomplishment. If they start believing in themselves half of the battle is already won. 98thPercentile is just the right summer coding programs for your child's growth and path to success.

Is critical thinking for children possibly true? Totally! The art of critical thinking starts in childhood. What sort of thinker are your children? Do they accept everything on TV? Do they regularly ask you the question like ‘Why’? What's more? How? Do they generally sort out some way to get what they need? 

If we need children to thrive in our confounded world, we need to teach them how to think. There's a major doubt as to what will best put them on the way to future success. Should each child be introduced to code? Sure, if we want our children to have adaptable personalities that can promptly retain new information and react to complex issues. 

How Coding Helps Children Develop Logical Thinking

Why is it important to learn how to code?

The simple reason is that computers have become an inevitable part of our world. Therefore, figuring out how to program will allow you to get more from a PC regarding usefulness and productivity. For instance, you would have the option to compose a basic program to automate tedious and exhausting tasks.

Coding is an incredible alternative for building critical thinking abilities. Critical thinking includes moving toward an issue or circumstance scientifically and breaking it into small independent parts for more productive results. Critical thinking likewise includes having the option to articulate your thoughts and being intellectually flexible. Computer programming works effectively, pushing children to think of imaginative arrangements which typically extend the brain's flexibility. In Coding, each circumstance is unique, which is the thing that makes it supportive for testing the mind as well as our way to deal with issues and roadblocks.

There are numerous advantages if you are thinking about a computer programming course for your geeky little one. In particular, here are five extraordinary ways that Coding can help your child to think logically:

  • Coding teaches that mistakes don't rise to failure:

Coding is one of those exercises where mistakes and second, third, or fourth chances are just good enough. Truth be told, they are normal. Subsequently, Coding teaches to give yourself credit and confidence, not to fear mistakes, not to liken mistakes with failure. Coding teaches that careful discipline brings about promising results.

  • Coding teaches innovative problem-solving:

Fundamental rule of Coding is to break down a big problem and solve them. Different efforts to fix an issue are regular, and it assists children with figuring out how to attempt other methods until the fix is accomplished. As Steve Jobs said: "Coding teaches you how to think."

  • Coding teaches a similar interaction utilized in critical thinking:

Probably the most significant way programming fortifies critical thinking is by using precisely the same interaction. Coders should attempt, commit errors, and attempt once more until arriving at the successful end. Just by figuring out how to code, children will become familiar with similar examples and steps of critical thinking.

  • Coding teaches and promotes literacy:

Learning programming means learning a new language. A language that in all ways is the most accurate and calculated one. Programming makes an interpretation of instruction into a language for a computer to play out a specific wanted outcome.

  • Coding teaches there is more than one right answer:

The world and traditional forces us to understand there is just one answer to every question. However, that seems hypothetical and incorrect. Coding urges children to keep up the mindset that there might be another approach to arrive at the ideal solution. This viewpoint could undoubtedly split into different subjects and even kinships with others for a really tolerating and receptive outlook. At long last, coding assists children with getting more mindful of how innovation functions, which is significant since it influences almost everything in our day-by-day lives.

We at 98thPercentile assure to give your child an overall and all-round development. We offer courses in Coding, Math, Public Speaking, and English. All of these together will build confidence in your child. Not just courses, every month we conduct programs and contests online to make sure your child believes in themselves and the world can see their talent. 

November's Spell Kahoot attracted over 500 contenders and was a huge success, and December's 98thPercentile SMART attracted even more. A recent success was Comix, a competition in which students were able to put their writing skills to the test and share with the world their cartooning skills. In each tournament, 3 winners from each of the 3 divisions were announced. They all earned awesome prizes, including Amazon gift cards, scholarships to 98thPercentile classes, and featured in interviews and blogs on our own digital press release! We believe that rewarding is one-way children and young blood can be encouraged to do apparently great in everything they do. 

We are hosting a Coding Bootcamp cum competition for kids, Learn2Code-Code2Win, in Grades 1-6. Contestants will learn to create their own game/project coding on scratch. So, if your child is looking for a fun and exciting activity for this season, this might be the one. 

Learn2Code-Code2Win coding event will allow your child to create a game on their own. The good news is that this bootcamp will be absolutely free of cost. All students will have to post their game videos on our gaming wall with #98thPercentile. The video that hits the maximum likes will win the contest. Winners will be crowned with a lot of gifts that can be used to develop their skills further. 

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