Applications of Algebraic Expressions in Real Life


Algebraic Expressions

Are you curious why we are learning algebraic expression? What is the use of all these random variables in practical life? Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are just wasting your time learning math that does not even help you in counting in real life?  Well, the simple answer to all the chaos of your thoughts is that math applies to every aspect of life. 

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Every concept that we learn every day is important. They help our life easy. From grading your assignments to calculating the estimated cost of your next birthday party, elders use math every day. Do you too want to learn your algebraic expression knowledge in daily activities?  Let's explore how we can do that, Be with us.

Examples of Algebraic Expressions in Real Life

Algebraic expressions are just another mathematical expression with variables, operators, and constants. To understand how we can use these expressions in our lives let us take some examples of the application of algebraic expressions: 

To find your daily spending limit: Suppose you are given 60$ as a monthly pocket money to spend by your mother and your father has said that he will give you half of the total amount given by your mother but you will have to spend an equal amount of the money daily. How will you find your daily limit?

Let's take the money given by your mom to be x. Then your father will give you x/2 dollars.  

If x=60

x/2= 30

Then the total dollar you will receive will be (x + x/2), i.e. 90 

Then your spending limit will be Total dollars divided by 30. 

Hence, your spending limit is 90/30, which is equal to 30$. 

Distribute chocolates to your friends: suppose you have 18 chocolates and 6 friends. How will you distribute the chocolates among them equally?   You will simply use the formula (total chocolate)%( friends).    

 Which is nothing but 18%6; i.e. 3 chocolates to each friend.

Calculation of time to complete your homework:    

Suppose you need 30 minutes to check what homework is to be completed and other required stationery gathering before starting the homework writing.

After completing everything once you start writing you take an average of 10 minutes to complete one question.    

If you have 5 questions to complete tomorrow how much time will you take to complete your homework?

We can use the algebraic expression to solve this. 

10x+ 30, where x is the number of questions. 

So on the days when you have 5 questions to complete: 

Putting x=5; 

10*5 + 30= 80

I.e. 80 minutes. 

Baking a cake:   Suppose you find a delicious cake recipe for 2 kg cake but you want to bake only 1 kg cake. What will you do? You can use algebra to find the quantity of each item used in the recipe. 

Apart from the above examples, we can use algebraic expressions in different fields like finding the area of an object and finding average marks obtained by each student in exams, road construction, building houses, etc. 

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How do you use algebra in real life?

Ans: Algebra is extensively used in practical life. From finding a budget to finding the area of a house algebra is used everywhere. 

Q2: Why should we practice algebraic expression?

Ans: Regular practice helps us clear doubts and gives a better understanding of the concepts for real-time use.  

Q3: Why do you use algebra?

Ans: Using algebra we can simplify many complex calculations and find desired results.

Q4: What are algebraic expressions?

Ans: Algebraic expressions are mathematical expressions having constants, variables, and operators. 

Q5: What are some examples of algebra in everyday life?

Ans: Some examples of algebra in everyday life are cooking recipes, expense calculation, Finding areas, finding the results of students in examinations, etc. 

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