Comix Summer Camp: Fostering a Community of Young Storyteller

Summer Camp

Comix summer camp 2024 by 98thPercentile is one of a kind contest where kids learn to build a story around an idea and then create a comic strip, preferably digitally using Canva.

Every kid has a favorite toy, animal, cartoon or superhero and we encourage them to use their imagination and bring life to it by designing a comic strip. In the masterclass that is organized, children of ages 6-12 learn all such skills which help them remain busy in a creative manner.

Creating a comic strip can be quite exciting. Storytelling has its own charm. To have a strong narrative is the basis of a good comic strip. Children learn a lot from it. Their reasoning skills are also enhanced.

How does creating a comic strip help kids?

Creating comic strips benefit kids in many ways. Comix Summer Camp helps kids acquire certain skills which help them in the long run. Let’s find out

  1. Encourages creativity: Creating characters, plots, and pictures helps children to freely express their imaginations and creativity.
  2. Enhances storytelling: Planning and structuring a comic strip teaches youngsters about the framework of a tale, including the beginning, development, and ending.
  3. Communication Skills: Writing dialogue and captions improves language abilities, allowing youngsters to express themselves more effectively.
  4. Visual literacy: Understanding the mix of pictures and words in a comic strip improves visual literacy, which is an important ability in today's media-rich world.
  5. Promotes fine motor skills: Drawing and coloring characters and scenes helps students improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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  1. Builds Confidence: Completing a comic strip offers youngsters a sense of success, which boosts their self-esteem and belief in their talents.
  2. Encourages planning and organization: Creating a comic strip takes planning and arranging ideas, which teaches children fundamental project management skills.
  3. Encourages critical thinking: Creating a tale and selecting graphic components promotes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  4. Teaches Sequence: Creating a comic strip requires logical sequencing of events, which helps children comprehend the notion of cause and effect.
  5. Promotes collaborating: Working with pals on a comic strip project promotes collaboration and social skills.
  6. Captures attention: Comic strips are visually appealing and may pique a child's interest, making learning more fun.
  7. Encourages reading: Creating and reading comic books may instill a passion for narrative and reading, making literacy more fun.
  8. Provides a safe outlet: Drawing and writing may be a therapeutic and helpful way to communicate feelings and ideas.
  9. Teaches Digital Skills: When made digitally, a comic strip teaches youngsters essential digital tools and abilities.
  10. Sense of ownership: Children take delight in their crafts, instilling a feeling of ownership and accountability.

Producing a comic strip is a diverse and pleasant activity that enhances many parts of a child's development, such as creativity, communication, fine motor skills, and critical thinking.

Summer Camp for Young Storytellers

More about Comix Summer Camp

The Comix Summer Camp is organized every year by 98thPercentile- an online platform for after-school enrichment programs in Math, Coding, English and Public speaking. It caters to grades 1-12 and has revolutionized the education industry in the US with their grade accelerated programs and small-size classrooms with a teacher-student ratio of 1:4.

They also identify and fix skill gaps resulting in academic enhancement and accelerated reasoning skills. The Comix Summer Camp is one of the many online contests conducted by 98thPercentile which aim at improving creative and reasoning skills of kids.

Comix Summer Camp is the latest upcoming competition that will help parents keep children busy during summer vacations with this creative and fun competition. It is one of the most unique summer activities for kids. It caters to ages 6-12 in the US and fosters creative and storytelling skills in children which in turn enhances their prowess in English.

Comix Summer Camp will have a masterclass on June 9, 2024 where children will be taught to form a story and design own comic strips. They will be given time to complete their comic strip and submit by June 29, 2024. After that, the strips will be posted on 98thPercentile’s social media handles and the winner will be selected on the basis of votes(likes) they get. Voting will close on July 2.

The winners will be announced on July 4, 2024 and will be presented with amazing rewards which will help kids feel accomplished. Being a confident storyteller also boosts confidence and make children skilled speakers.

On an ending note, Comix Summer Camp is the perfect way to keep kids busy during summer vacations in a way where they learn something new while enhancing their skills and learning aptitude.

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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1: Who can apply for Comix Summer Camp?
Ans- Any student in the US between grades 1-6 can apply.

Q.2: Is there any fee attached to it?
Ans- No, there is no fee attached. It is a free online masterclass and competition.

Q.3: What will the winners get?
Ans- The winners will get rewards and scholarships up to $1500.