Speed Math vs. Conventional Math: Understanding the Advantages

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When tackling a math problem, a student's complete concentration is on the problem. However, the importance of solving arithmetic problems is enormous. It enhances mathematical competence and gives pupils the tools they need to apply their math abilities to theoretical and practical problems. It even encourages pupils to develop their mathematical thinking skills. It provides kids the courage to try out new arithmetic topics and expand their horizons. Furthermore, it allows students to investigate the issue at their own pace.

The differences between conventional and speed math and which is beneficial are covered in this article. You'll also learn about the advantages of fast math for kids and how to help your child improve their mathematical abilities.

Traditional v/s Speed Math 

Nobody wants to squander their time on tasks that require a lot of time. Many innovations are being implemented in the educational field to make the process more efficient and instructive. Furthermore, there is a consistent preference for speed or Vedic math over standard arithmetic problem solving. Let's have a look at what constitutes conventional and fast math.

Throughout the early to mid-twentieth century, conventional mathematics was the preferred method of mathematical teaching in the United States. It differs from non-traditional ways of mathematics instruction. It is based on direct instruction, in which students are given one traditional method of performing a task, such as decimal addition, in a predetermined order. A job is taught independently rather than as part of a larger project.

Vedic or Speed Math, on the other hand, is a collection of fundamental one-liner equations. Survey says that it helps to rapidly and efficiently solve mathematical problems almost 10-15 times faster than the conventional method. These tricks present fascinating applications of arithmetic calculation, number theory, arithmetic, and algebraic operations, higher-level mathematics, calculus, and coordinate geometry, among other things.

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Why Speed Math is Better Than Conventional Math?

Vedic math or Speed Math is not the same as conventional math. It is coherent, and instead of using multiple approaches to address different issues, it leverages its coherence property to solve the difficulties. Furthermore, Vedic math is fundamental and requires students to calculate the solutions mentally. It is more flexible than traditional arithmetic. It encourages a student to develop their own creative and distinctive problem-solving strategy.

Overall, it is simple, efficient, quick, cohesive, adaptable, unique, and straightforward. It is the world's fastest mental calculation system. Mathematical problems get solved in a matter of seconds. Besides that, people educated in Vedic math can answer complicated math problems cognitively in much less time, which is beneficial in competitive exams. It helps in enhancing analytical ability in a way that conventional math does not.

Benefits of speed Math in children's life

The following are some of the advantages of speed math in students' learning:

  • It allows children to answer mathematical problems much more quickly.
  • It aids in the decision-making process for both fundamental and complicated issues.
  • It alleviates the stress of remembering complex information.
  • It improves a child's focus and drive to learn and enhance their talents.
  • It aids in the reduction of silly mistakes made by children.

How can it make Math fun?

Speed Math tricks illustrate a method for accomplishing tasks more swiftly. It does not teach children the philosophical underpinnings or the context of the provided problem set. Calculating quicker is in vain if we do not get the purpose behind the problem set. So, when children investigate various issues and the causes of such difficulties, the activity becomes more engaging.

98thPercentile's Math Speed Kahoot

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