Helping Your Child Learn
the Rules of English Grammar

Fortunately, your child’s brilliant ability to absorb verbal communication sets the stage for his or her written communication! 

Your child’s English Language Arts teachers at 98thPercentile know the critical importance of students’ proper English communication in writing as well as speaking. Through our quality, systematic, live classes, we are dedicated to building your child’s skills and confidence through the complexities of the English language.

     Here we have some thoughtful and practical tips for helping your child at home to succeed with English grammar!

#1 Gently Correct Your Child’s Speech in “Teachable Moments”

It is in our everyday conversations that young learners assimilate grammar and sentence structure-- for better or for worse. However, if you train your child to accept your gentle correction of his or her language use at the time an error occurs, the correction will “revise” and improve your child’s language understanding, and memory, for future use.But be sure to not just correct the wording-- ask your child to repeat your corrected sentence(s). This practice will further reinforce the correction.

#2 Play Language-Related Games Like Scrabble®, Kibbit® and CatchPhrase® in Family Activities

Great memories of family and friends in addition to the learning of English grammar can be made with the playing of these (and many other!) language-learning games. Games like these provide a fresh opportunity outside of the classroom to both learn and play. Who knows—your child may decide on his own to play them for many years to come, developing a lifelong, independent English-learning habit!

#3 Read and Recite English Poetry Together

The rhythmic, rhyming verses in poetry are highly attractive to children of all ages! Have fun with funny poetry and challenge each other to memorize and recite it!Along the way, your child’s brain will “imprint” the clever use of wordplay, sentence structure, and, as a bonus, build his or her comprehension skills.

#4 Schedule “Part of Speech Weeks”

Around your home and in your daily activities, toss in conversations about and examples of one part of speech per week!Covering these 8 basic parts of speech over time can be a great reinforcement for your child’s English grammar education:
• Noun
• Pronoun
• Verb
• Adjective
• Article
• Adverb
• Conjunction
• Preposition

As a parent, you are well aware of the critical importance of a quality English Language Arts education for your child. 98thPercentile is here to help your child succeed! We deliver quality instruction for all six facets of English Language Arts education through our accelerated learning content-mastery program. If you are interested in partnering with us for your child’s English Language Arts educational needs,Try us for for FREE with no strings attached.