Help Your Kid With Word Math Problems

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Most of us ponder why children struggle with word math problems. So we decided it would be best to first determine the core problem before moving on with the remedies. We received numerous explanations from teachers and parents, but the top three worries were

Lack of self-assurance

Yes, many students battle with anxiety issues when they see a word problem. They lack confidence in seeing through the word problem, and they get confused most often. This makes them fearful of approaching failure, and they tremble to solve it.

Lack of versatility in thinking

Children are taught to answer word math problems in a methodical manner using a standard step-by-step strategy and keywords. Planned responses to questions may not always work, and students must recognize that standardized examinations need creative thinking as well as flexibility with tactics.

Complexity of challenges

Teachers and parents want their children to develop learning abilities quickly. However, you cannot expect your child to succeed in arithmetic without first grasping the fundamentals. Similarly, word problems must begin slowly and gradually get more complicated.

So we recommend you the following Problem-Solving Strategies that apply to 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade math word problems. Teachers need to understand that the only way to conquer math word problems is through engaging in classroom approaches that counteract the above-mentioned concerns.

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Highlight important information

When your kids start with 2nd-grade math word problems, you need to break the complexity of the problem by highlighting the important parts that matter. This can give them a clear idea of what calculations are needed if it's addition or subtraction. So they can concentrate on those calculations leaving the rest. First, you can help them with this and later on advise them to highlight the important part after they read the word problem and carry on the calculations. 

Give them equation sans numbers

Children struggle to extract the right information from 3rd-grade arithmetic word problems as the intricacy of the computations increases. So offer them word puzzles with the numbers wiped out. Ask them to read the questions and determine if it's an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problem. Such approaches allow you to focus on your child's analytical skills without having to solve the problem.

Help them picture the problem

You can use visuals to help kids get the word problems in mind. Yes, this is a valuable tool in teaching math word problems. For example, for a word problem involving toffees, get them toffees and ask them to visualize the problem using it. They find it easy to solve and delightful to work with word problems.

Adopt a formal strategy

Most children require a structure to follow. So, we propose that you teach them a clear and uncomplicated technique for answering word problems. Please make sure your technique is less complex and easy for people to grasp. Here's an example of a strategy for arithmetic word problems: Ask them to read the question and consider what it is. Ask them to reread the question so they understand what it is asking. Plan your strategy and consider the best way to tackle it. Begin addressing the problem after determining which procedure to utilize. Check your solution and make sure your math calculations are right.

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Compare word problems

Analyzing and comparing word problems helps children develop their adaptability to varied techniques. For this aim, problems with comparable mathematics and numbers can be used, but the narrative and structures must be distinct. Interact with them and ask them to describe the differences in operation and structure of word problems.

You need to understand the fact that word problems are a big transition from regular math problems, and these problems require a different set of skills that has to be developed in kids with proper guidance. So as a teacher or parent, you need to help kids develop their critical thinking and analytical skills through constant practice so they can succeed in word math problems of all types. 98thPercentile can help your child with word math problems. 

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