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Is your child also a prodigy? YES!! There is no doubt about that. Every child is talented in their way. While natural talent is important, it needs to be nurtured and developed over time to truly shine. Keeping this spark alive in your child's heart and encouraging them to reach for their goals is an essential part of parenting.  If you are aiming for an IVY League education, there are additional considerations but do not worry, we have answers to your questions here 

Pro tips to level up your children to Aces for IVY League:  

Following these tips will aid in leveling up your game and assist you in raising your children as masters of IVY League  

  • Encourage your child to develop interests in diverse areas: Developing interests in various fields other than academics is just as important, as the primary requirement for IVY League is to lure in students who challenge themselves beyond their limits. So, encourage your children to explore as many new activities as they can. 
  • Do not push your child to secure top grades: Motivate your child towards getting grades but do not push them to a limit where they feel pressured about scores and lose interest in chasing their goals in a fun way i.e., in their way. 

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  • Start early preparation and make it a habit: Train them to be well prepared in a way they would be able to maintain the standard SAT/ACT scores. Introduce fun math programs from an early age as such they can play with numbers and find it fun to solve rather than finding it as a brain-draining activity. 
  • Inspire them to write essays: Every student is passionate about writing at one point of age. So, capture that interest in your child and cheer them up to write their thoughts. Essays are a fundamental part of the IVY League phase as Ivies ask for personal essays along with applications. 
  • Inject small doses of independence into them daily: Push them into making their own decisions about choosing what activities they want to do daily. Encourage them to meet new people and inspire them to get involved in group discussions to build public speaking skills. 
  • Ignite the talent: Drive your child’s energetic soul into learning music, playing sports, or doing something that is out of academic concern, for instance joining a music band or playing soccer. 
  • Maintain empathetic relations: Parents should always maintain close bonds with their children and never lose close ties as it plays a crucial role in children's lives when discussing their future interests and goals. The children open up about their feelings only when they share a fearless strong bond. 

These few tips can help in aiding parents in raising their children to an IVY League student. Begin the trek now to reach the peak faster and safer!!! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q.1. How early should I start preparing my child?

Ans) There is no definite answer to this, the child should get an adequate amount of time, so it is suggested to start as early as possible, but experts recommend starting to focus on academic achievement and extracurricular activities in middle school.

Q.2. How can I afford an Ivy League education?

Ans) IVY League schools are expensive, but there is financial aid available. Be sure to research scholarships, grants, and work-study programs to help offset the cost of tuition.

Q.3. What should I do if my child does not get into Ivies?

Ans) It is a hard chunk of rock to swallow but never an unfortunate thing. There are positive alternatives for students who cannot get in.

Q.4. Explore other renowned schools and accept the offer.

Ans) Consider taking a gap year.

Q.5. Should I hire a tutor or college counselor for my child to help with IVY League?

Ans) A tutor or college counselor can be a valuable resource for students who are aiming for IVY League schools. They can help with test prep, application essays, and the overall college admissions process. However, it is important to remember that these professionals cannot guarantee admission.

Q.6. Which extracurricular activities look best for IVY League?

Ans) The best curricular activities are those that challenge you and help you reach your full potential. Here are some examples: academic clubs, athletics, community service, creative and artistic pursuits, political involvement, and travel. 

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