Math Puzzle For Your Child - Riddle ME THIS!

Well all of us like to boost our child's learning in one way or another. What do you think can aid with this? Don't overthink guys, it is the math puzzles for kids that can keep your child engaged from a young age. Math Puzzles can make your child understand math concepts with ease. Not only that, it can elevate your child's analytical and problem-solving skills.

math puzzles for kids

We have found one for you such math puzzles for kids - Riddle ME THIS.

This has been designed to invoke a fun feeling when your child practices mathematics. We can list the exceptional features of this puzzle for you.

  • Enjoy their math with puzzle

Riddle ME THIS can foster enthusiasm in your child towards numeracy. A skill that is not acquired from school and it can guide us to find solutions for real-life problems. The art of working through a complex problem to find the solution is a rewarding experience for your child.

  • Take away your child's fear

Working on a puzzle in a relaxed manner at your own space can get your child to loosen up the pressure that he/she encounters when doing it in a classroom or examination hall. The fear in approach towards a math problem is common and Riddle ME THIS has targeted to decrease this fear and completely take it away from your child over time.

  • Boost your child's geometrical understanding

Your child learns how to find a missing angle with these puzzles. They get to understand the concepts of a right angle, straight angle, obtuse angle and reflex angle in simple ways. Riddle, Me THIS provides activity sheets that particularly aim at improving a child's geometrical skills. 

  • Possibility to comprehend diverse math concepts

A wide range of mathematical principles starting from tables to geometry is introduced in this puzzle for your child. These concepts form an important part of their everyday life. They get to learn how to calculate money which helps them to use it with responsibility.

math puzzles for kids

  • Strengthen your child's fluency in math

Riddle ME THIS develops your child's fluency with numbers. With each puzzle, they are getting to use their ingenious mental images to solve problems. Targeted to improve the child's imagination, these puzzles have had a very positive effect on their mindset.

  • Intensify your child's strategic thinking

When a child starts with basic level puzzles it can attain them an understanding of the rules and practice math at the same time. But as they improve they start to think more strategically and push themselves further.

  • Helps your child to work at their own level

It has been proved that math puzzles allow children to work at their own level and to learn from each other. When you observe a group of children working with a puzzle you can notice one might be facing a math concept for the first time, another may be developing their understanding of the concept and third child strengthening his/her knowledge.

  • Heighten your child's spatial skills

One of the simplest ways to get your child to conceive about spatial relations at a young age is to encourage them to do puzzles. By handling the pieces to make them fit into space, your child is practicing using her spatial understanding. Spatial reasoning correlates math to the physical world and includes skills like understanding symmetry. Most of the researches indicate that spatial reasoning skills connect to early achievement in math and strongly foretell who will pursue good careers later in life. 

math puzzles for your kids

  • Improves work performance in future

A brain that is engaged and excited by puzzles is a brain that will function well at work. The better your brain works in one area the more likely it is to scatter over into different areas of your life. It makes your thinking more precise and much more agile than it was before.

Math puzzles enable children to visualize concepts, and thus understand math concepts faster and better. 98thPercentile helps students prepare better by helping them prepare better with workbook problems, puzzle cards, including several engaging math concepts that help students understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of math concepts, thereby enabling them to learn better.

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