Namrata gets into Duke University Talent ID Program

We are incredibly happy and proud to share that one of our students Namrata (5th Grade) qualified for Duke University Talent Identification Program(Link) aka Gifted and Talented. This is a great honor given to very selective few students who rank high on STAAR exams. STAAR exam measures proficiency in Math and Reading for the students of the state of Texas.

Namrata joined our Accelerated 5th Grade Math Bootcamp in July and is a current student of the on-going 5th Grade Math Acceleration program. Besides that, she was one of the toppers of our Bootcamp leader board with most IXL practice.

Her mother said after the Bootcamp that she was very pleased with Namrata not needing constant reminders to do homework because the teacher created a friendly competitive environment and motivated the students for self practice. We congratulate Namrata and her Parents for this honor and look forward to see even bigger achievements in future.

We at 98thPercentile can’t be more proud. Our motto is Gifted through Hard Work and it is extremely positive to get validation for our methodology(Our Methodology). We only helped bringing the potential out of Namrata but more importantly it was her hard work that paid off.

98th Percentile offers online accelerated Math, Reading and Coding programs for Grades 3 to 12. Gifted through Hard Work is our Motto. We strive to elevate every student to their highest potential and as a result get qualified for Gifted and Talented Programs. Please visit us at for more information.

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