Clever Strategies for Achieving Success in the MATH Kangaroo Competition

MATH Kangaroo Competition 2023 Online Registration is open! This is an International Math Competition where students from over 92 countries in grades 1-12 can participate. This may sound intimidating to some, but there are many ways for students to prepare and get the most out of this opportunity.

math kangaroo competition tips

Math can be a nerve-wracking subject for many. However, this competition is an exception since students increase their affinity towards math by enjoying the overall experience.

The competition includes multiple-choice questions that require mathematical & logical reasoning skills. It gives students a chance to learn and improve their math and go beyond the traditional textbooks' knowledge.

With time in their hands and competition ahead, students can prepare for this contest well in advance and increase their chances of earning and winning prizes and medals. Participation in these contests allows children to learn more advanced mathematical and logical concepts. This competition prepares students by furthering their future opportunities such as mathematical summer camps, access to good universities, and interaction with mathematicians from all around the world.

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For more guidance, we have compiled below...

Guide on tips and tricks to excel at Math Kangaroo.

Learn the Foundational Concepts

First things first, one must learn the foundational concepts before diving straight into the multiple-choice questions. Without understanding the basic concepts, it's hard to understand the complexity of the problem. Once you run through the syllabus and note down the basics, learn them first, perfect them, and move ahead to the next level.

Set a Dedicated Time for Math Kangaroo Test Practice

Even though you are a student studying multiple subjects, we firmly believe you should keep aside a dedicated time specifically for the MATH KANGAROO learning. This practice keeps you motivated and lets you take charge of your time. Studies have shown that learning at a specific time of the day for fixed time blocks increases the productivity of the students.

Attend Mock Tests

Learning without assessment can be a wasteful strategy. A good studying plan involves weekly or bi-weekly assessments. You can test yourself by attending mock tests. It helps you to understand in which key areas you can improve. Taking these tests routinely will help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. We suggest taking these mock tests from trusted and experienced learning platforms.

Revise Thoroughly

Repetition is the key to real learning. Our memory is only as good as we make use of it. Just like self-assessments, revision is something that will keep you confident. To revise effectively, we suggest using tools like mind maps, flashcards, or boards. You can write formulas and math tricks and keep them handy. Students who revise increase their chances of success by two-fold at any exam.

Work on Your Speed

Kangaroo is a 90-minute multiple-choice-based competition, which means you need to solve all questions within a stringent time limit. This structure at makes this competition more interesting as students must use all their focus and logic skills to progress. To use this to your advantage, practicing with a time limit per question will help immensely.

Remain Positive

Preparing for exams and competitions means challenges ahead. Seek active assistance from your teacher. They are here to help you out. Keep an accountability partner to help you keep on track. Your accountability partner can be your teacher or your friend.

Every time you face a challenge, remind yourself this line-let's do it again. This sentence will keep you sailing through your preparation smoothly.

Stay Stress-free

The only real competition you have is with your old self. Naturally, Math Kangaroo does not promote unhealthy competition among peers. This competition is to help sharpen the skills and abilities of children, thereby increasing their problem-solving skills. Everyone is acknowledged for their efforts, and each participant gets a certificate. So, remain stress-free and enjoy the learning process. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep and diet. Take well-planned breaks to avoid exam burnout.

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Learn Mental Math Tricks 

Sometimes it's not the questions that are complex. You can ace these questions by applying simple mental math tricks that give you an advantage of time and speed. After all, the Math Kangaroo test is all about speed. Practicing last year’s question papers and taking classes for mental math tricks can help you excel at Math Kangaroo.

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Excelling at competitive exams such as Math Kangaroo is not as difficult as one might think. Learning the basic concepts practicing previous years' question papers and staying stress-free are the main keys to achieving success in the Math Kangaroo Contest.

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