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A quickly growing online learning platform is sweeping the nation and catapulting students grades ahead in English, math and coding. It also has dedicated programs for Public Speaking. 98thPercentile offers students a way to increase their skills and advance their education all from the comfort of home.

How it Works

98thPercentile’s after-school program for kids comprises of live, online classes delivered by highly skilled and accredited instructors. With a maximum class size of four students, each individual receives personalized attention that may not be feasible in typical settings.

Once you register your child for a free trial, he or she will take our award-winning English and/or Math placement tests to determine which level class they are placed in. Then, you'll choose from a selection of class days and times that are most convenient for your family's schedule. Once your child has joined, they will be given instructions on how to use our portal, join their class, and begin learning! Classes run 50 minutes and are presented live, so if your child has any issues or questions, their instructor may address them during the session. The public speaking program has up to 10 students and 75 minutes class time.

98thPercentile instructors actively monitor each student's development. Each week, they collect data to identify potential skill gaps in your child's schooling from prior grade levels. Then they tailor lessons for your child, teach and work with them until the skill is mastered. Our program is merely the foundation for ensuring that no student falls between the gaps.

Students at 98thPercentile have several perks. Our accelerated curriculum, based on the Common Core standards on which kids are evaluated in school, is designed to provide your child with clear teaching in every single subject of English, arithmetic, and/or coding.

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Our children often improve one school level in six months because to our accelerated curriculum and customized attention. This signifies students have effectively mastered each skill, which can lead to improvements in their regular classes.

We take a proactive and progressive approach, with one of our primary goals being to close skill gaps. We strongly think that a good foundation is essential for going through school and into life, and we work on a case-by-case basis to ensure that every student's foundation is strong.

Finally, our program's convenience is unparalleled. We design our programs so that students may take our sessions fully independently, even in the lowest grades. With live, devoted teachers, your child only needs an internet-connected device to begin progressing their education. Furthermore, our program is far less expensive than typical tutoring or additional educational programs, providing you with excellent value at an exceptionally low cost.

Why choose 98thPercentile?

Why join the 98thPercentile family? Acceleration is critical for today’s students to get accepted to competitive colleges, and our math and English programs provide that edge to guide students forward. Our online coding classes provide a strong foundation in the increasingly demanding skill to prepare our students to stand out in their future professional lives as well. Our Public speaking programs develop confident speakers.

Our curriculum will help your child develop vital abilities including logical thinking, rational thinking, understanding, math, reading, writing, grammar, and self-confidence.
Enroll your student in the greatest online learning center in the USA to upgrade their grade level in 6 months and see their abilities grow!

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