What is a Computer Server and its Uses?


what is a server

We all use computers and laptops but do you know what is a computer server?  

Computer server is a very common term in the tech industry but it might need a little bit of explanation to a layman. Check out coding classes from 98thPercentile to know more about such terms that you and your child should be aware of in this digital world. 

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What is a Server? 

A computer server is a high-powered computer that is intended to supply resources, data, or services to other computers or clients, via a network. It’s like a central hub that supplies and oversees the needs of other computers. For a variety of digital activities, including file storage, website hosting, and internet browsing, servers are essential. 

What Does a Server Do? 

Using a network, a server hosts, controls, and distributes information and services to other computers.  

  • Large volumes of data are stored and managed by servers, which also control access to it.  
  • When a user visits a website, web servers host it and provide web pages to their browsers. 
  • Sending and receiving emails is handled by email servers. 
  • By running software programs on application servers, multiple users can utilize the same program without having to install it. 
  • Database servers maintain and store databases, giving users the data they need. 

How Does a Server work? 

In essence, by entering a URL in your web browser, your computer establishes a connection with the website's server to retrieve the necessary information for displaying the page on your computer. When a client computer sends a request, a server responds by gathering the necessary information or providing the requested services. It runs constantly, managing duties like file storage, web hosting, and application execution with strong hardware and sophisticated software to provide dependable and effective access. 

Types of Servers 

Some of the main types of servers are- 

File servers are devices that handle and store files so that users on a network can access them. Take the shared drive of a firm, for instance. 
Web servers provide users' browsers with access to web pages. A web server transfers the content of a website to your computer when you view it. 
Database managers and storage are handled by database servers. When a user or other application queries them, they return data. 
Email operations, such as sending, receiving, and storing emails, are managed by mail servers. 
Application servers operate and oversee programs, giving consumers a network-based platform to access software. 
Proxy servers operate as go-betweens for clients and other servers. They can control traffic, imrove security, and cache content to expedite access. 
Game servers host and handle data for online games for multiplayer experience. 

The foundation of today's digital infrastructure are servers, which provide a wide range of networked and online activities. What is a server and what is a server used for are basic questions to know about. Join the 2 weeks free trial classes with 98thPercentile to know more. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q1: What is a server? 

Ans: A powerful computer providing data and services to other computers. 

Q2: What is the main function of a server? 

Ans: The main function of a server is providing data and services. 

Q3: How does a server work? 

Ans: It processes and responds to client requests. 

Q4: Why are servers important? 

Ans: They ensure reliable data and service access. 

Q5: Where are servers used? 

Ans: Websites, emails, file storage, applications, games. 

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